How Much Does a Google Adwords Campaign Cost?

The costs of a campaign in Google AdWords vary according to the objective set, the keywords used, etc. Unlike conventional advertising, where we pay to show the ad based on different variables – audience, number of viewings… – in AdWords we only pay if the user clicks. But how does this system work?


The first thing we have to do is set a daily budget for the campaign and, from there, we will establish the price that we will pay each time someone clicks. It works through a bidding system, in which each competitor establishes the maximum price that he is willing to pay for a click. These bids can be set manually or automatically. The manual system allows you to have more control over the bids and the investment in each keyword. On the contrary, it requires a more meticulous work, as it involves individual bids that make continuous adjustments necessary to keep the campaign optimized. The automatic system is much simpler, since it requires less time of dedication. However, it means leaving bids in the hands of machines.

Cost per click

AdWords indicates the potential of our campaign – number of impressions and daily clicks – based on your configuration – key words, relevance … – and you will have to adjust the bid to expectations. For example, if the potential of the campaign is 50 clicks and we have a daily budget of 15 euros, the automatic system will establish the maximum bid at 0.30 euros. We can pay less by setting the price manually, but we must ensure that the result is as expected.

It is possible to start receiving traffic paying a few cents for each visit, but the price increases the more competition there is for the keyword. The cost per click (CPC) determines to a large extent our possibilities. The price does not depend only on the competition, but also on how our campaigns are configured. A well-focused ad can appear in position 1 in Google paying a lower CPC than another that appears in position 2 because the search engine considers that this ad is more relevant to that search, “explains the co-founder of Semmantica. That is, the first position is not achieved just by paying more, but the ad must satisfy the user’s demand. Depending on the CPC you are willing to pay and other factors – advertiser and campaign history and ad CTR – Google determines whether or not it shows you for the specific search you want.

For example, if we have an online store of silicone utensils for creative pastries -cupcakes, etc.-, we must use concrete words. And the writing of the ad must be direct, highlighting what we offer.

Variable cost

It is difficult to get an average CPC, since there are words that are paid at 0.03 euros and others at seven. However, it indicates that the normal is between 0.20 and 0.90 euros, in Spain, for the most specific words. From there, it is easy to calculate how many visits we can obtain according to the budget we can allocate. Generic campaigns tend to be cheaper, because the public interested in buying is smaller. What is sought with them is to let you know. However, the concrete of a product tend to be more expensive. Although in this case it is easier to know the return on investment because you can control the sales that are generated.