Best Quotes by Miguel Delibes

Miguel Delibes, a Spanish writer of novels, left us several phrases that invite us to reflect. Today we will discover some of them.

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Miguel Delibes was a Spanish novelist who, at present, is present in all the books that make a review, more or less detailed, by the history of literature. Not only has a wide collection of titles, but also many of his works have earned him numerous awards, such as the National Literature Prizes (1955), National Literature (1991) and Cervantes (1993). For all this, today we collect some of the best phrases of Miguel Delibes that will allow us to know how he thought.

Before delving into each of his phrases in depth, it is necessary to highlight that this renowned author was a member of the Royal Spanish Academy.

1. The negative side of fame

“Fame has no place to hold on to that is really positive.”

Miguel Delibes was not a novelist who liked too much fame. In fact, as we can see in this sentence, he considered that fame had no positive place to cling to. Upon reaching it, the temptation to fall into the clutches of the ego or abuse of associated power would be greater.

This position does not stop being somewhat paradoxical, since Miguel Delibes with his work El Hereje won the National Narrative Prize (1999) that gave him fame. This work received many positive reviews and captured thousands of readers. However, Delibes continued thinking the same of fame.

2. The language of people

«The town is the true owner of the academy».

The fact of occupying a position in the Royal Spanish Academy made Miguel Delibes consider who is the true owner of the language, the town or the academy? In this second of Miguel Delibes’ sentences, the option he prefers … and in which he believes is clear.

Just as the rules of spelling change, as the article Speech novelties of the Royal Spanish Academy in the articles of the journal Medicentro Electrónica, the lexicon also varies. For example, words like “selfi” or “meme” are already recognized by the Royal Spanish Academy.

3. Depersonalization and war

«I remember that day as lived inside another skin, unfolded».

Like those of his generation, Miguel Delibes had to experience civil war. An experience that he expressed in a rather curious way, as if he felt that his body did not belong to him. This sensation suggests some kind of depersonalization state.

Depersonalization is an alteration of perception that arises in a moment of anxiety. The person feels separated (unfolded) from his own body. This is something timely. However, we understand that on the battlefield anxiety can cause this type of symptoms to appear.

4. Sadness enhances creativity

«The loss is one of the motives of the writer».

This fourth of the sentences of Miguel Delibes makes it clear that, for many people, a loss that supposes a deep sadness can be at the same time a source of creativity. Perhaps, that is why in many cases, when we feel sad, there is also a desire to write, to express ourselves.

The emotional release we notice when we put on paper all that is hurting and making us suffer can be very healing. For this reason, even if a loss is not a pleasant moment, it can be useful for a writer.

5. We can all change

«Men are made. The mountains are already made».

The last of Miguel Delibes’ phrases allows us to reflect on those occasions in which we underestimate our capacity to change. So, regardless of our year of birth, if we want to change our way of showing ourselves, of behaving, we will always have a margin to walk in this direction.

However, to achieve this, a great deal of self-criticism and awareness is needed. In fact, it is much better to say “it’s true, I’ve been wrong on this more than once and I’m going to change it” rather than to hide behind age. A posture makes us grow. The other one, no.

Maybe you’ve read a book by Miguel Delibes, like The Deposed Prince or The Road. In any case, the phrases that we have presented you are only a small sample of your narrative.