Best Quotes by Federico García Lorca

We can say, without fear of being wrong, that Federico García Lorca is one of the most well-known and widely read Spanish poets in the world. This fame was given by popular themes that were always present in his works, as well as his personality as a modern minstrel who permeated each of his poems. For this reason, today we have collected some phrases by Federico García Lorca that we consider worthy of mention.

But, before going into each of them, note that another aspect that brought fame to this Spanish poet was his tragic death in 1936. From there, works such as the Poema del Cante Jondo and the Romancero Gitano they reached a diffusion that has been prolonged until our days. With this brief introduction, we will discover some of the phrases of Federico García Lorca that will invite us to reflect.

1. Life is kind

«Discard sadness and melancholy. Life is kind, it has a few days and only now we have to enjoy it».

This is one of the first phrases of Federico García Lorca that makes us remember one of the best-known Latin topics: carpe diem. For this poet, despite being aware of the misfortunes that exist in life, emphasizes the importance of enjoyment.

Many times we settle in the complaint. A situation that causes us to lock ourselves up and perceive everything that is around us in a negative way. However, you just have to read some articles, such as A decrease in memory complaints is associated with an improvement in mood: a follow-up study at 12 months in depressed patients, to know that it is necessary to complain less and enjoy plus.

2. Crying is necessary

«I want to cry because I feel like it».

Federico García Lorca already said it in a clear and simple way. Crying is not an action that must be hidden or deserves to be, for our own good, controlled. Nor is it an expression that must be questioned. Therefore, with only seven words, Lorca gives a lesson about crying.

How many times have we cried and someone around us has tried to calm us by saying “come, do not cry”? Letting out this emotion is important. We may cry of sadness, of joy, because we are low in spirit or because we have remembered a person we have lost. We can even cry for no reason.

3. Shut up is the worst self-punishment

“Shut up and burn is the biggest punishment we can put on.”

This third of the phrases of Federico García Lorca is present in the tragedy in verse he wrote entitled Bodas de sangre. In it, silence is like a burden and can not only cause us suffering, but go against our well-being.

Just like crying is a way of expressing emotions, speaking instead of being silent is a way of expressing something that we need to communicate. For example, a situation that we have seen and harms another person or a point of view that we have and want to share.

4. Loneliness enriches

“Loneliness is the great shaper of the spirit.”

Loneliness can be a point of support for growth, but also the stone that sinks us. Many people shy away from loneliness, they have an atrocious panic and do their best not to be left alone. However, as Federico García Lorca indicates, loneliness can allow us to know who we are.

But, not only this is the end of loneliness. The truth is that, well managed, it is a space for clairvoyance: it helps us to identify what is what we are so afraid of in order to heal it.

5. Hiding pain is a mistake

«Because you think that time heals and that the walls cover, and it is not true, it is not true».

This last one of the phrases of Federico García Lorca allows us to reflect on all the pain that we usually put on a band-aid, but that is still there even when we remove that band-aid years later. Therefore, looking the other way, ignoring the pain or putting a patch on it is not the best option.

We hope that these phrases by Federico García Lorca have allowed you to reflect on different aspects of life, as well as to become more aware of those complaints or attitudes that can do you a lot of harm.

Which book by Federico García Lorca do you remember reading?