SEO Tricks for Entrepreneurs

How to gain notoriety against big brands with less effort.


We know that SEO is not easy and it requires time and effort, but with some simple tricks you can improve the positioning on the Internet and eat the big business. 


It consists in optimizing the project’s website to stand out in the search results of the main city where the product or service is offered. Here comes into play the geolocation with metadata in the source code of the web, the marking of the basic data of the company (name, address and telephone) and its replication in local directories and sectorial forums. That is, the data always appear in the same way and format to give consistency to the entity of the company.

“The next step is to register the company in Google My Business, which centralizes the appearance of the brand in the rich search results and Google Maps, fundamental especially in service companies.”

“Another key is the creation of optimized pages to position the product or service in a specific city. If the content is optimized to solve search intentions of the type product or service + city, there will be more possibilities to appear in the first results than with the main page of the web”.


The more references Google finds about your brand or domain, the more relevant you are and, therefore, the better positioning in search engine results. For this reason, it is necessary to develop a strategy for the creation of links on the sector’s websites, specialized magazines and national media on a constant basis. Here the strategies used by entrepreneurs to do SEO are to publish guest articles in specialized blogs, collaborations with sector magazines, purchase of media advertisers, sending of infographics, statistical studies or any other news item that may arouse the interest of the medium and its readers.


LinkedIn is the network par excellence, but there are many other verticals by sector, as well as forums where you can start generating visibility by participating actively and contributing value in these communities. That’s why it’s interesting to have a personal blog where you can share quality content, both about the project and about the skills and knowledge of the entrepreneur. As you gain presence with it, the capture of contacts through email subscription will help to generate a minimally qualified database to report on the evolution of the business and, who knows, find future investors or collaborators.

Another way to accelerate this process is to enroll in the platforms that exist to connect experts in a subject with journalists, such as YouChek.


They do not need a presentation, but we have to make it clear that although profiles are created in all those that exist to reserve the brand name and get links, we only need to work on those networks in which our target audience really is.

Depending on the sector, the type of product or service, it will be more interesting to turn all efforts on Facebook if we go to a general public, YouTube for a more geeky youth audience, or Instagram for influencers in fashion, lifestyle or gastronomy, for example.

The contests and raffles serve to achieve a peak of visibility and brand notoriety, so it is advisable not to abuse them. In the long run they only dirty the database in exchange for inflating the number of followers, when the KPI that is most interesting to improve is engagement and sales.

A good content strategy in social media is the most effective to achieve it, to solve needs, connect with the end user and provide value in each publication. It takes a lot of time and effort, that is why it is essential to plan the actions well in advance so as not to fall into neglect and oblivion.


They have no direct impact on positioning, but they do have a direct impact on the construction of the brand. This, after all, encourages users to search for your brand that does help directly to scale and have visibility in search engines. This type of searches are the most powerful for Google for two reasons: one, which generates a lot of trust in the search engine, because there is a brand behind that supports the information that people expressly seek with that brand. And two, because if the answer is good, the user will search again in different ways, increasing the visibility of other areas of the web.


This is an SEO strategy that is increasingly seen in entrepreneurial projects. Consists in offering a scholarship to participate in the project while the chosen candidate is being trained. To be really attractive, it must offer very good conditions and an appropriate amount, but it is a strategy that tends to viralize easily. Many job portals, sector websites, vertical social networks, forums and blogs will start talking about the call and, most importantly, will link the URL of your website with the information of the scholarship. If it is given continuity year after year, it is a very good opportunity to weave an internal link on that page to squeeze the strength and authority over the rest of the web.