The Avengers: Superheroes in Fiction and Entrepreneurs in Real Life

A fitness app, a popcorn store or a video game studio are some of the businesses of the Marvel universe actors

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After 11 years weaving a plot film after film, the outcome of the story has come to an end. Avengers Endgame aims to break all records and be crowned the highest grossing film in history. The cast of the film, in addition to being superheroes in fiction, also have other virtues more focused on the business world. Next, we show you the business of our favorite superheroes:


We recognize this, we also do not follow a daily exercise routine. But the truth is that if the God of Thunder encouraged us to train the motivation would be different. Chris Hemsworth, along with his wife Elsa Pataky, have launched an application called Centr. The app offers exercise, meditation or eating routines.

@CentrFit puts at your disposal the access to the same team of world-class experts in health and well-being with whom I have been lucky enough to learn over the years and who have inspired me to live a healthier and happier life” , wrote Hemsworth on Instagram.


Besides dedicating herself to kicking Marvel, the black widow has a popcorn business in Paris. During the opening of the Yummy Pop store, the star of the Avengers, passionate about popcorn, did the honors of serving customers the popcorn herself.

Taking advantage of this gastronomic fad, Johansson’s store serves gourmet popcorn in a variety of flavors, from Vermont cheese and Parmesan to truffle and sage.

The company raised her with her French husband, Romain Dauriac. When the trade opened in 2016, Johansson planned to open more stores if the business turned out to be successful. The fact is that there have not been more openings. Johansson’s relationship with Dauriac came to an end in 2018 when the couple divorced. Is the business on standby because of this break? We do not know.


“I am Groot”, is the only thing that Vin Diesel says in Marvel films to get into the skin of Groot, a sensitive creature similar to a tree. Thanks to his “stellar” performance and his role in Fast and Furious is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood.

But Vin Diesel knows what he does and his money is invested in growing sectors such as video games. Or so we think. Diesel founded Tigon Studios in 2002, a video game development company. His team created a video game set in the movie The Chronicles of Riddick.

The studio developed more games in the same line, but it seems that the projects stayed there, because today there is no trace of the page on the Internet. And you know, if a company is not on the Internet it has practically ceased to exist.


When Jeremy Renner is not saving the world in The Avengers, the actor is buying and remodeling houses. Renner takes care of the aesthetics of its properties in detail. “There’s a lot of old architecture on our streets, we just have to re-imagine it with the current standards of living,” Renner tells Bloomberg.

The actor, along with his real estate partner, Kristoffer Winters, has made about 20 home renovations, ranging from Renaissance styles to more avant-garde ones.

The benefits of this business are quite interesting.

“We spent about $ 640,000 buying our first house in 2002 and sold it a few months later for about $ 900,000,” Renner explained in an interview with the Robb Report. But now the business figures are higher and these amounts are tripled. “Most of our properties sell between 3 and 5 million dollars, some for much more.”

Renner always advises two things that a house should have: a bar and a really nice bed. “Having a bar to hang out with is a lot better than hanging out in the kitchen,” he explains to Bloomberg.


The actress is a great defender of equality, regardless of their preferences. It does not matter if you are the daughter of the Titan Loco Thanos, a species of the remote planet Pandora, immigrant, Latin American, black, defender of the LGBT movement or woman, the social integration of all groups is possible.

To help in this mission and give voice to those who do not have it, Saldana founded BESE, a communication company in which the employees belong to these groups. Among its employees are 8 talented women.

“Many times they do not have the same opportunities as men.”

BESE stories are being published on the company’s website. Later, Zoe plans to publish her own content on social networks. Finally, the goal of the company is to make partnerships with studios to create films and short films through their stories.


The woman of Iron Man in fiction is a full-fledged entrepreneur. The annual turnover of her Goop business is estimated to be between 15 and 20 million dollars. These good figures have allowed him to buy a company of vitamins and dietary supplements.

Goop was launched in 2008 as a weekly newsletter, Paltrow created the website to make travel recommendations, health-focused recipes and shopping discoveries, and also as a place to teach his own theories about health and fitness.

But Paltrow has won criticism for his controversial health advice, perhaps that was the secret of his success. Every time Paltrow makes a recommendation, the networks burn. Urinating in the shower to improve the pelvic floor, apply vaginal vapor to balance the female hormones, and be chopped by bees to eliminate wrinkles, as if it were natural botox, are some recommendations of Paltrow on their website.

The portal also functions as an e-commerce business, where it sells beauty products, sex toys, clothing, jewelry, books and even food. Although I warn you, these items are not exactly cheap.