Startups Focused on the Development of Innovative Technology

We suggest you meet these five startups, which have focused on the development of very innovative technology

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Create digital twins from photometry

Without subtracting an ounce of value from the work and research interest of Jesus Manzanera, industrial technical engineer and mechanical design teacher, it was certainly coincidence that gave him the necessary impetus to materialize what had long been a mere intuition : make a digital twin or digital twins from photometry. That is, the possibility of representing objects through holograms or integrated into augmented reality systems, which behave exactly like the originals.

The history of Manzanera began three years ago when, on a visit to the University of Liverpool, he met Rob Black, a psychologist with multiple publications on stereography, vision and human perception, who led a large and consolidated research team in that British city. . This first contact with the works developed by Black impacted Manzanera, who for some months had combined his usual work as a teacher, with professional practice in a consulting in the engineering sector and to which innovation and research always They had turned out to be very attractive.

After this meeting, they maintained different contacts and the proposal to collaborate in a project that was underway arose. And that’s when the challenge of being able to make digital twins was born, being able to edit them in real time and interact with them.

The objective of IE Innovation, a company located in the UMH Scientific Park and in which Carlos Berenguer also participates, is to develop specialized consultancy work in the field of engineering, “while designing and developing oriented technological research programs to sectors as diverse as leisure, health or industry, including footwear. In addition, we execute training actions that respond to the needs that arise from companies or business organizations on these issues, “says Manzanera.

The technology that IE Innovation is developing, in collaboration with RealSpace of the Science Park of the University of Liverpool and with the support of LJMU FabLab and LJMU Engineering, will allow people to interact between the real and the digital, “opening up to a new spatial dimension. It will encourage us to perceive ourselves as members of the visualizations of digital objects, capturing our attention and generating a greater impact. The first consequence will be the fact of varying the role of being an observer, in short, ‘public’, to be an active part, which will generate a greater power of capturing the attention of the public, being able to touch the digital objects and move them with your own hands”.


Technology for the daily and personalized control of diabetics

Five years ago Gustavo Ranera changed his life or, at least, his state of health. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. Since then, he decided to work with the vision of how technology could empower those affected by this disease.

“I could not continue to record the data on my diabetes in a paper diary or in any software, since they did not assure me that my data from the past were used to make my present and future simpler and less tedious,” recalls Ranera himself.

At that time, he wondered if there was a problem to solve. “Yes, because the traditional ‘method’ to keep track of my illness was to record the data in a diabetic’s diary, and without using that information to generate knowledge and use of it for the future management of my disease.” .

And also, if there was a market.

“Seeing the evolution of the diabetes market and that there was already competition in the market for diabetes apps, I came to the conclusion that where there is competition, there is a market.”

And QUO Health was born, “from the need to change the established order in healthcare. The technology we enjoy today allows us more than ever to become the true protagonists of our health, “says Ranera, who initially invested some 200,000 euros.

The gluQUO innovation lies in the speed and ease of use it brings to users. It allows, among other things, keeping up to date the glycemia, types of food, etc., as well as controlling physical activity.


Design and quality production of professional textile

In 2014, the brothers Martín and Sergio Mosquera launched Soller Supreme, a brand of young clothing that bet on long lasting fashion instead of the throwaway.

Immersed in this business, they began to detect a hidden demand in the professional sector: a personalized textile partner was needed.

Here, Manuel León, an expert in B2B marketing, joins the team, and among the three they create Vranded, which was created to offer companies comprehensive professional textile solutions. Shortly after, joins Luis Zurita, commercial expert.

“We offer an advisory service, design, production and logistics on professional clothing. If a company needs to dress its employees, it hires us to tell it what is best for them, we design and produce it looking for the best option, so that we can obtain quality at the best price,” explains Martín.

When they arrived in this sector, they found a world with old ideas and without revolutionizing. “It is true that the textile is advancing and every day brings more disruptive products, but professional textile suppliers were not offering this to their customers, nor were they taking care of the design with the possibilities that exist, let alone democratizing these possibilities. What we saw were discrete qualities or unoriginal products. Now, each business can have its personalized product with the highest quality. In addition, despite working with the latest technologies, we maintain human contact, because it is essential to understand each other “.

Among its clients, brands such as Goiko Grill, Cañas and Tapas or Tasty Poke.


An app that helps to legally manage any work problem

“In 2015, I realized that, in spite of the great digital transformations, facing a dismissal or any other work problem with our company, it was still a disappointing, complicated and difficult to handle situation, why not change this situation so Desidiosa? Why not change the way in which workers obtain specialized legal help? And with this objective I decided to create Quarande, “recalls Joaquín Muriel, labor lawyer and CEO of this company.

The Quarande concept is based on the idea of ​​making it easier for workers to make available on their mobile a specialized and reference lawyer 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, “to help you, advising you permanently and, if necessary, represent you judicially before any work problem that has occurred with your company “.

Quarande is a free app, available for IOS and Android, developed with its own technology for more than two years, “designed to improve the lives of millions of workers, and which responds to the immediacy, transparency and legal certainty that every worker needs to defend your rights in the most rapid and effective way before an unfair and unjustified dismissal or any other labor problem, based on such important elements as: digitalization, mobility, simplicity, legal security and free service, which allows any worker to make his claim work, assuring an expected result from any place and time, “he says.

In addition, it integrates a timeline applied to labor legal claims, “allowing the user to be in constant communication with his lawyer in real time.”


Everything an entrepreneur needs to control and manage their business

“More than creating invoices and budgets, with our software, entrepreneurs can manage the relationship with their customers and suppliers, make inventory, manage purchases, control collections and payments and the entire treasury. In addition, responds to the need for mobility that many entrepreneurs have, since they can work whenever and wherever they want,” explains José Ángel García, business development of Jasmin Software, part of the business group Primavera, founded by Jorge Batista and José Dionisio.

“We have developed a management software that works on intelligence, collaboration, automation and mobility concepts so that entrepreneurs and companies control their entire business. But, even so, Jasmin is not just a software with advanced technologies, but it is a business ally,” says Jorge Días, product manager.

Jasmin has also innovated in the business model: “We have a free version so that entrepreneurs and companies that are starting can do so without any extra expense. And we have two paid versions for SMEs that are starting their digitalization process, “says Tiago Lima, director of business strategy.

“Our competitive differences are our expertise in management, customer service, technology and we have a free version for those who are starting,” says Días, who says that Jasmin is a very complete tool to manage the entire business.

“It includes a task manager that allows you to optimize the work and dashboards so that the user makes the best decisions. Our team of specialists helps in the configuration of the entire process and resolving doubts in management and taxation.”