Jeff Bezos Gets his Employees Angry: More than 6,000 Workers Sign a Letter on Climate Change

Amazon employees write a letter to express their dissatisfaction with the passivity of the company to fight against climate change.


Jeff Bezos, although he is the richest man of the planet, does not stop adding problems to his list of tasks. Once his personal problems with his ex-wife have been solved, new conflicts have arisen, this time within his company.

Amazon employees had already expressed complaints before, but none of these characteristics, and less for issues that do not directly concern employees, but harm the entire planet: climate change.

In an unprecedented move at Amazon, more than 6,000 company employees signed their names in a letter published on April 10 that urged Jeff Bezos to create a comprehensive plan on climate change for the company.

The letter, which you can see through this link, calls for a plan for the company to become a reference in favor of the fight against climate change. “Amazon has the resources to awaken the imagination of the world and redefine what is possible and necessary to face the climate crisis,” they explain in the letter. “We believe this is a historic opportunity for Amazon to meet with employees and point out to the world that we are ready to be a climate leader.”

The paper emphasizes the problems that climate change is causing: “The report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) of 2018 predicts a warming of 2 ° C, which we are currently in the process of overcoming, will threaten the lives of hundreds of millions of people and will put thousands of species in danger of extinction. “

The impact of climate change is wreaking havoc in some areas of the planet: “unprecedented floods in India and Mozambique, dry water wells in Africa, coastal displacements in Asia, forest fires and floods in North America, and crop failures in America. Latina. “

Under this scenario, Amazon employees highlight in the letter that the company is not doing its homework on climate matters and believe that the company with the highest global turnover can help reverse this situation, which in many cases makes it worse. For example, it has “an AWS initiative with Oil & Gas dedicated to helping fossil fuel companies to accelerate and expand oil and gas extraction.”

In addition, they explain that the current sustainability objectives lack context. “The objective of installing at least 50 solar panels in our warehouses by 2020 has been established. This only accounts for 6% of the buildings in our network.”

For this reason, they propose to implement objectives coherent with the science and the IPCC report, a complete transition to eliminate the use of fossil fuels, prioritize the climate impact in the face of commercial decisions and reduce damages in the most vulnerable regions, among others. purposes Will Amazon’s directive comply with the requests of its employees? Or will it continue to operate in the same way?