Apple Seeks 22 people to Work on Apple News

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Apple has posted the “Wanted” poster in terms of talent to boost its newly launched Apple News + premium news service.

“Apple launched Apple News premium service last March.”

The company plans to hire at least 22 people to join the team that will develop its subscription information service, in the style of Netflix, but with editorial content.

In recent days, Apple has published several offers on LinkedIn pointing out some of the required positions, which can also be found on their job portal. Most of the positions are based in different locations in the United States, but anyone can access them, wherever they live, provided they have permission and interest in changing their place of residence, of course.

Among the published offers highlights that of a Marketing Director who is responsible for increasing audiences and achieve the growth of the service, a Director to coordinate the Agreements with the Media, and also a Social Media Manager, among other positions.

Apple tries to strengthen the team to develop its growth strategy and sign more agreements with both media and other content-generating platforms, and among them, social networks such as Snapchat, Instagram or even Facebook itself, while get more subscribers for your service.

Until now Apple had not put all the meat in the spit to promote the use of Apple News, launched in 2015, although it is true that even came to hire specific journalists in the first months of service.

However, the launch of the Premium version last March makes the company look for human resources to enhance the service, make it grow and, consequently, obtain profitability from it.

If you are interested in any of the positions that Apple has offered to expand the team of professionals working in Apple News, you can visit the company’s employment page.

Find out more in the Apple’s Job Search page.