When Everything Does Not Matter to Us

When everything is the same, we watch life go by without feeling pleasure or joy. We walked unmotivated, downcast and apathetic. However, it may be the ideal time to make a radical change: the journey towards self-discovery.


When everything does not matter to us… is everything really indifferent to us? Where to start? What to say? When everything gives you the same, you do not think about anything and think about everything.

What is thinking about nothing? What is thinking about everything? What does it mean that everything has stopped caring? The concept is so broad that we do not know what to say, right? When we ask someone: “but, what is everything?”, They reply: “Well, I do not know, everything.”

Sometimes, we are at a point in our existence where we do not know what direction to take. It is common to be immersed in a state in which we really do not care. That which we liked, has ceased to please us. That which entertained us, now bores us. What is happening to us? Why has everything stopped giving us pleasure?

An inner emptiness opens up in our soul, that which absorbs every gram of happiness that we can come to feel at some point. What’s going on?

When everything does not matter to us

What does it mean to feel indifference to everything? Or rather, what does it imply? Many times we sit on the couch and we just watch our life go by as if it were a movie. We go from the living room to the bathroom and from the bathroom to the living room. We went out to buy and cooked for not starving ourselves. We perform our daily activities almost by inertia, automatically. Why this reluctance? A state of unhappiness that surrounds us, embraces us and, little by little, tightens us more and more.

Our plans are twisted: friendship, economic, work, life … We sniff the horizon in search of some light that gives us hope, but we do not seem to find it. Who has extinguished the last ray of joy? Who has turned off the last lighthouse? We do not know what is happening, but our life seems to go downhill and without any possibility of slowing down such a descent. Perhaps in silence we can begin to find the answers.

“Even in the few moments when sounds, text messages or any other kind of information from outside do not reach us, our head is full of a constant stream of thoughts. How many minutes a day do you dedicate to being really quiet, if you do?”

-Thich Nhat Hanh-

In these moments we do not care if it rains, that it is sunny, that the wind blows our house or that someone releases a sermon. Our answer will surely be something like: “ah, well it’s OK” and we will continue to be immersed in our world.

The attachment for the material and the spiritual will have touched bottom. Apathy invades our life and our reaction to pleasurable stimuli has almost disappeared: anhedonia has come into our lives.

What can we do when we do not care?

Being lost in the middle of the sea without even seeing the flash of a light that illuminates the road can be exasperating. However, all is not lost. When everything does not matter to us, in many occasions, we do not even want to ask for professional help, “for what? If I have no choice, “we thought. But it is not like that, we have more remedy than we think.

The mind has acquired a series of thought patterns, throughout our learning history. Those thoughts have made us believe that existence is in a certain way. However, in the same way that we think that reality is black, we can also see it white, blue, red or the color of the rainbow. Because there is no single color with which to see existence, all are valid and the best thing is that we do not have to adopt a single point of view.

If we think that it is about choosing an ideology and clinging to it, we are very wrong. Life is too diverse to position us on one side. In this way, we will only be limiting ourselves.

At this point, it’s time to start thinking that our catastrophic view of the world is just that, our vision … a learned belief. And what does that imply? That you can unlearn or, where appropriate, learn a new way to change our relationship with the world, with others and with ourselves.

Connect with our interior

When we are lost and everything is the same, it is time to ask ourselves if we are really leading the life we ​​would like. So, it’s time to sit down, reflect and think about what we want, what motivates us, what moves us. It can take us hours, days, weeks, months … Connecting with our interior through introspection will help us remove all those conditions which prevent us from observing our true motivations.

“Love, compassion and concern for others are the true sources of happiness.”

-Dalai Lama-

Mindfulness is a very powerful tool that will help us, without a doubt, to discover a part of us that we were completely unaware of. Through introspection, we will begin to leave behind other people’s voices that tell us how we should be or what we should do. When we go beyond those limits, we begin to discover the light that shines inside us without distortions. We know, at that moment, to what extent we were limited by external demands.

As His Holiness the Dalai Lama affirms, “our conscious mind is related to both the objects of which we have had experience in the past, and to certain types of feelings or sensations. In this sense, it is very difficult to glimpse the true nature of consciousness, which corresponds to the pure state of knowledge or total luminosity of the mind. “

For this, the Dalai Lama says that “one of the possible techniques to be used to apprehend this state is meditation. With this, we free our minds from the thoughts of past experiences and any form of anticipation of the future, to remain in the present moment. “

When everything interests us

When we connect with our authentic nature, we begin to observe our surroundings around another color. The simple leaf of a tree seems to us a fascinating creation of nature. We focus our attention on breathing and we question our complex body, full of elements: muscles, bones, arteries, neurons, etc.

Through meditation, we discover that what surrounds us is much more interesting than we thought. We are able to be fascinated by the simple flutter of a bird. What is hidden behind the flight of a bird?

As the Zen Buddhist master Thich Nhat Hanh states: “Inner silence is essential to be able to hear the call of beauty and respond to it. If in our interior there is no silence – if our mind, our body, are full of noise – we will not go the call of beauty “. The teacher adds that “our mind is full of noise, that’s why we can not hear the call of life, the call of love. Our heart is calling us, but we do not hear it. We do not have time to listen to it. “

Little by little, we will appreciate small vital details that before were insignificant to us. In this way, we will also begin to realize what really motivates us. Self-realization will become an important factor.

We will know that being good people, dedicating ourselves to others and not hurting anyone are values ​​so profound that we will make them ours. With these reviews, our life will take a completely different direction. So remember, when everything does not matter, it’s time to move because everything changes.