Strategies to Avoid Conflicts and Tensions within your Team

A good entrepreneur should not limit himself to managing his own level of pressure. Can you manage the stress of others?

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The manager must know the stress tolerance threshold of each member of his team. In the same way that a car is required more speed depending on the power of its engine, with people should do the same. We must demand from each one what he can give. It is a mistake to treat everyone equally.

However, it should be remembered that the level of tolerance to stress also varies with the passage of time in the same person. And that their willingness to tolerate pressure may depend on other changes produced outside the workplace. In any case, continuous communication with all team members is the only key to detect these changes on time.


It is essential that each member of the team has well defined tasks and that they are allowed to participate in making decisions that affect their jobs. The diversity of talents and points of view must also be encouraged, so that everyone can feel valued.

Adjust the controls. Another key point is how to establish controls. If it is true that many people find it stressful that they submit to continuous control over their work, others may be stressed by a lack of supervision of their tasks. The manager must know which people need to work more autonomously and who they expect to talk to them with some frequency and tell them they are on the right track.


The boss must encourage social support within the team, both from above and between all the members of it. A common mistake in the management of teams is to offer rewards only when the performances are exceptional. This type of awards promotes competitiveness among employees and destroys the spirit of collaboration necessary to avoid possible tensions. To guarantee the necessary support to your team you must have enough time to meet the demands of your employees. Many managers have too much work or spend most of their time outside the office, travel continuously and do not have a direct and permanent relationship with employees. With this manage the stress of your team.


Excessive work is one of the most frequent sources of stress, but a lack of work can also generate it. There are many people who need some pressure to function well. Along with the amount of work you have to find a balance in the established rhythms. If you demand an excessively high rhythm to your team or do not give them the necessary time to assimilate the changes, they will end up stressed. Therefore, the required efforts must be adjusted to the rewards.