Facebook Allows you to Upload 3D Photos to Stories

Facebook launched at the end of 2018 the possibility of including photos in three dimensions.


Facebook launched at the end of 2018 the possibility of including photos in three dimensions. Since then, users who have a compatible mobile phone that allows them to upload these types of images to the social network have timidly started sharing this type of content, not only from the phone but also from the computer.

“Android users will also be able to upload 3D photos from next month to Facebook.”

However, for the moment, where 3D photographs are best appreciated is from VR devices. It will be a matter of time for users to get used to using them, as the use of Virtual Reality is also popularized on platforms such as Facebook.

The company, to pave the way and that more and more users decide to use this type of content, has launched a series of new features for the use of 3D photographs. They are the following:

Photos in 3D in the Stories

Facebook users can now share photos in three dimensions through Facebook Stories. In the same way that happens with the 3D photos that are shared in the news feed, users can also know who has seen your photo in 2D, who has reacted and who has seen the Story. Of course, the duration of the publication, as in each Story, is 24 hours. After that period of time, 3D photography will disappear.

To upload a 3D photograph in the Stories you just have to upload the image to the updates feed as you would any other picture. After pressing the “share” button, Facebook will ask the user if he prefers that it be published in his feed or in his Stories.

Full 3D photos from the web

As we mentioned, users have only been able to upload 3D photographs from compatible mobile devices, such as dual-camera iPhones, but now Facebook is launching the possibility of publishing three-dimensional photos from the web.

Photographs 3D from Android devices

Until now it was only possible to upload 3D photographs to Facebook from iPhone devices, but Facebook has just announced that Android users will be able to do so starting next month. It will be the Samsung Galaxy devices that have a double camera to which the possibility first arrives.