Telepathy Between Twins: True or False?

Surely we have all heard about telepathy between twins. It is said that there are cases in which one feels the same as the other, even if they are in very distant places. Is this real or just one of many modern myths?

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Telepathy between twins has been talked about for a long time and there are hundreds of stories that seem to confirm the existence of this kind of special connection. However, the issue has taken a course in magazines and newspapers, but another very different in the scientific field.

Human beings are given to fascinate us with extraordinary and supernatural phenomena. Our mind is not only reason, but also imagination and we like to be surprised. We experience a kind of enthusiasm every time we come across some fact or situation that seems to defy what we call “real”.

To situate ourselves on the subject of telepathy between twins, let us first say that around him there are two great opposing positions. On the one hand there is science, which denies the existence of this phenomenon. In fact it denies the very existence of telepathy. On the other, there are hundreds of testimonies that attest to the contrary. Who do we believe?

“It’s in the brain where everything takes place.”

-Oscar Wilde-

Testimonials about telepathy between twins

Surely we have all heard a story about telepathy between twins, whether fiction or reality. Even some of those testimonies have become recurrent and famous because of the special circumstances in which they have taken place.

One of the most famous cases was that of Martha Williams and Jean Haley. The special thing about their history is that they both died practically in the same way and with a few minutes of difference. Both were 97 years old and both stumbled, fell and then died. One hit a step, the other went to help her and slipped with a rug.

Both were left in the house; They lived alone and did not find their bodies until the next day. The reason for the death was hypothermia. Without a doubt, it is a very shocking coincidence, but nothing can infer that it was a supernatural phenomenon.

Other interesting reports

Without reaching the extremes of the sisters mentioned, there are hundreds of testimonies that account for telepathy between twins. It is said, for example, that if one experiences pain, the other also feels it in the same part of his body.

It also ensures that the one can sense if the other is at risk, even being hundreds of miles away. A mother, for example, says that one of her twins cried because of a pain in her knee. The pediatrician examined it and did not discover anything. Then he examined the other and found an infection in that area. One was sick, but it was the other who experienced the symptoms.

The child psychologist Coks Feenstra published The Big Book of the Twins in 1999. There she tells how she has encountered hundreds of cases of telepathy between twins. Sometimes the one knows that the other is going to call him. Other times they buy exactly the same, the same day, thousands of kilometers away.

What does science say about it?

From the scientific point of view, there is no proof of the existence of telepathy. Therefore, there is also no evidence of telepathy between twins. There is an interesting fact: there are around 100 million twins in the world and only very few of them report telepathic experiences.

The University of Cambridge conducted a study with 663 pairs of twins. The researchers were able to prove that the great genetic similarity and the shared parenting made them very similar in the way they process and react to reality. However, this similarity did not exceed 65% in the aspects in which they were more similar.

For traditional science it is fundamental that a phenomenon is repeated whenever the circumstances are the same. In the case of the twins this does not happen. There are many more cases of twin brothers who do not feel connected by something beyond their own kinship and shared history than those who do.

That science says it does not guarantee that it is true, but obviously it is data that has a support for the investigation. Those who think that this phenomenon does exist do not lie. Perhaps they simply interpret the facts according to their desires and fantasies, which is not a bad thing, as long as it does not negatively condition life.