Bizan’s Dream, a Story About Serenity

This story about serenity tells us about those combats that occur in daily life and that, sometimes, surprise us. Being weak or being strong is a matter of perspectives.

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This story about serenity begins in a distant country, in which there was a traveler. He had come a long way and still lacked a good stretch to reach his destination. However, I was tired and wanted to find somewhere to be calm and recover.

He remembered then that the beautiful hot springs of Bizan were near the place where he was. He went there, but the place was now very neglected. Before there were beautiful lodgings there, but now there were only curious children and a woman who sold pies.

“Virtue is in being calm and strong; with the inner fire everything burns.”

-Ruben Dario-

The traveler felt a bit disappointed, but even so, he noticed that there was still a nice atmosphere in the place. So he went to the cake seller and asked if he could help. I wanted to spend the night there and maybe she would have somewhere where I could do it.

The story about serenity tells that the seller, very humbly, told him that he only had a simple mat. He added that he took the opportunity to bathe in the hot springs before going to sleep. He also told him that in the night an old samurai teacher would come to stay with whom he could converse pleasantly.

An interesting meeting

Tells the story about the serenity that the traveler bathed in the hot springs and then went to the humble home of the seller. They were having a simple dinner, when the samurai master arrived. He was a quiet and silent old man, who exhaled wisdom.

The teacher sat at the table with them and the traveler, respectfully, asked his name. The old man replied: Furuneko Mushinsai. The traveler was surprised. It was a very strange name, because Furuneko means ‘he who has renounced the world’ and Mushinsai means ‘old cat’.

The traveler commented that he thought that name very strange and wanted to know why he had adopted it. What did the retreat have to do with a cat? The old man smiled sweetly and said that everything had a reason to be. If he wanted to, he would tell him the story. The traveler accepted enchanted.

The old cat

The old samurai told him that many years ago he had also gone on a trip and had to ask for a good man on the road. He arrived at his humble home and was treated very well. However, when he was going to sleep, a huge rat appeared, which challenged him with his gaze.

Tells the story about serenity, which then the old man said: “I asked the owner of the house for help and he brought a young cat, very agile. However, the rat faced him and left very hurt. Then he brought a new cat, but the same thing happened. “

Finally, the old samurai decided to face the rat himself. He pulled out his saber and faced it, but the rat was thrown with impressive speed. He even bit him. That’s how things were when, suddenly, an old cat appeared, barely had any teeth. He approached the rat quietly and it remained still. The old cat swallowed her.

A story about serenity

According to the story about serenity, the elderly samurai said he almost did not come out of his surprise that day. He went to sleep, but between dreams he heard that the cats were in an assembly. Everyone wanted to learn from the old cat that had beaten the fearsome rat, without knowing how.

The old cat wanted to listen to the two cats that had initially faced the rat. The first said that he had been exercising for years and developing all his skills. He considered himself the most agile feline in the region and did not understand why the rat had defeated him. The second cat said he was an expert in mental power. Nor did he understand why he had not succeeded.

The old cat made a series of interesting arguments. Tells the story about the serenity that then made a diagnosis. He said that the first cat had not beaten the rat because he was focused on his physical ability and this was not enough. And that the second one felt superior and did not know what to do when he found someone better than him.

He then pointed out that the secret to overcome in all circumstances was to make serenity a way of being and living. The one who is calm lets reality flow. His mission as a cat was to go to the rat and that was what he had done. The rat could not react because he did not understand its tranquility. Seeing his great wisdom, the samurai master had adopted his name.