7 Quotes of Audrey Hepburn that will Inspire You

The words of Audrey Hepburn show us that it was more than a face with an angel.

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The words of Audrey Hepburn show us that it was more than a face with an angel. In them, a philosophy of life based on simplicity, the value of self-esteem, the strength of women and above all, in that constant concern for the human being and the weakest. In fact, we can not forget the great humanitarian work that marked much of his last years.

No one can deny that Audrey Hepburn is one of the most dazzling icons in the history of cinema. His name is still a reference in the world of art and fashion. His style continues to be imitated and his films are, in the eyes of most, wonderful tributes to an age almost golden destined to make us dream indefinitely.

“Anyone who does not believe in miracles is not realistic.”

-Audrey Hepburn-

We remember it in “Sabrina”, in “Breakfast with diamonds”, in “My Fair Lady” or in “Two on the road”, however not everyone knows that before that immaculate and luminous career in the world of celluloid, Audrey Hepburn He knew the deepest adversity in his own skin. In the book “Audrey Hepburn, an intimate portrait” by Diana Maychick, she recounts her years in the Netherlands during the German occupation, a testimony that undoubtedly invites us to understand a little more the personality of her protagonist.

Those years between 1939 and 1945, she and her family suffered from famine. His uncles and two of his half brothers were deported to concentration camps and witnessed multiple executions in the streets. His health was severely affected at that time, he suffered severe malnutrition and acute anemia, in addition to respiratory problems that left a permanent imprint on his body.

The entry of the Allies and the United Nations in the Netherlands meant not only their salvation, but a fact that would mark them for life. A trace that would define his attitude, his humility and his constant interest in helping those most in need. These are some of Audrey Hepburn’s phrases that contain the most inspiring essence of his personality …

1. “Only simple people know what love is. Complicated people try so hard to make an impression that they soon exhaust their patience.”

One of the virtues that best characterized this actress was her simplicity. Beyond the glamor, of that sophisticated world that surrounded her, her face, her attitude and her messages contained that essence, humble and always contagious, that characterized her so much and that she defended in turn.

Simple people are ultimately the most sensible, who does not understand pride or envy and knows how to get rid of the unnecessary to prioritize what counts most: love, respect, attention for the other …

2. “My life is not based on formulas or theories, but on common sense.”

What do we understand today by common sense? This is undoubtedly a term that we sometimes use lightly, without going deeply into it. Common sense is nothing more than the set of knowledge and beliefs with clear common denominators: be prudent, balanced and logical. It also refers to that inner knowledge that one develops through one’s own experience and where, after all, he manages to understand what is most convenient at each moment…

3. “As you grow, you will discover that you have two hands; one to help yourself and another to help others.”

This is another of the best known phrases of Audrey Hepburn. One fact that emerges from his biographies is that despite being always very involved in humanitarian work and the importance of helping others, he never neglected his personal growth.

If his years of childhood and adolescence were not easy due to war and lack, surviving the maelstrom of the world of cinema was not easy either. She was very clear that she needed a point of reference: herself. Hence, I always tried to keep my feet on the ground and my hand on my heart.

4. “I was born with an enormous need for affection and a terrible need to give it.”

Even the strongest fall, we know, and Audrey Hepburn could not avoid visiting the depression more than once. It was that enemy always close, that shadow full of memories, needs and contradictions.

The need to be loved and offer her heart and affection to others, led to more than one disappointment. However, a large part of these gaps healed in his maturity and especially when he dedicated himself to his humanitarian work.

5. “To have beautiful eyes, look for the sake of others. To have beautiful lips, pronounce only words of kindness.”

In Audrey Hepburn’s sentences, an idea is often revealed, an important concept: physical beauty lacks value without those emotional and psychological attributes that shape the most beautiful people. Those who know how to practice kindness and respect for others, in addition to the always indispensable self-care.

6. “You can know more than one person because of what he says about others than about what others say about him.”

This is another of Audrey Hepburn’s phrases that will never go out of style. In any context and in any environment, we will always find the group of “escampa-rumors”, “run see and tell” or “ultracrepidiano”. People who speak without knowing, who think without knowing of cause and criticize until exhaustion.

This type of practice first of all defines who carries them out. Be careful with them.

7. “I have to be alone very often. I am happy if I go from Saturday to Monday alone in my apartment. This is how I recover.”

Punctual solitude, which one chooses, controls and manages is healthy and allows us to recover from the problems and pressures of life. Audrey Hepburn knew it too. Although the closeness of theirs was always essential for her, she understood the importance of personal spaces, of those private corners where they could restart.


We are sure that more than one will have identified with these phrases of Audrey Hepburn. There is no doubt that this light that he left in the world of cinema went beyond screens to inspire many generations. She was a kind woman, lover of good humor, of the simple things that give meaning to existence. A woman who also wanted to make a mark at UNICEF and who undoubtedly got it…