Facebook Changes the Algorithm to Fight Against Fake News

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Facebook has been working for months to stop the dissemination of harmful content within the platform. In this case, the social network has announced that from now on it will sanction the groups that frequently disseminate false news or hoaxes. In this sense, Facebook plans to reduce the appearance of such groups on its news page.

“Facebook has incorporated confidence indicators that will appear when the user wants to read a publication or news.”

The app has also announced that it will measure the relevance and trust in certain pages. The objective of this is to give more priority and visibility to pages with quality content and reliable sources over those that only have popularity in the social network. This change will allow Facebook to define if a page shares relevant information or if it has only learned to manipulate the algorithm.

These modifications can represent a significant change in the platform if one takes into account the enormous influence of the Facebook pages and groups in electoral events or, for example, in the dissemination of conspiracy theories or false information.

On the other hand, the social network has also incorporated confidence indicators that will appear when the user wants to read a publication or news. These indicators are established by Trust Project, an organization that unites hundreds of media.

In addition, Facebook has also imitated the measures of other companies such as WhatsApp to improve the way your Messenger works and make it less vulnerable to the dissemination of harmful content. In this sense, the company has incorporated a notification that indicates when a message was forwarded and has also included a function called “context buttons”. With this function, when the user receives a news or publication, a button will appear to which he can click and thus find more information about what he has received.

Finally, the company also includes other small modifications such as: Take the verified symbol to Messenger and add information such as the status of a page with respect to the clickbait.