Best Quotes of Bob Marley

In the quotes of Bob Marley we find a sweet and loving stance towards life. This Jamaican musician promoted a philosophy in which inner peace and hope should predominate, over and above other human values.

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Bob Marley’s phrases are like him: fresh, direct and moving. This Jamaican musician was and will be one of the great exponents of both the rhythms of the Caribbean, and Rastafarian philosophy, which was the axis of his life and his creations.

His real name was Robert Nesta Marley. He was the son of a woman of African descent and a white man of English descent. He lived that racial clash in his own flesh and perhaps that is why many of Bob Marley’s phrases are a call to understanding and concord.

“The people who are trying to make this world worse do not even take a day off, how could I take it? The darkness must be illuminated”.

-Bob Marley-

This singer-songwriter was not exactly a monument to orderly and balanced life. His was more an exaltation of sensitivity to the surface. He was the subject of much criticism, but no one dared to question his talent and creativity. These are some of Bob Marley’s most remembered phrases.

1. An inventory of purposes

“Keep what you have, forget what hurts, fight for what you want, value what you have, forgive those who hurt you and enjoy those who love you.”

This text is a kind of compilation of mandates, which reflect the way Bob Marley viewed life. In particular, it shows how his philosophy of life was oriented towards seeing the positive side of things and being seduced by dreams.

It is also one of Bob Marley’s most remembered phrases. It represents very well the Rastafarian movement, which promotes kindness, brotherhood and truth as the maximum values ​​of the human being.

2. One of Bob Marley’s phrases about the problems

“In your life you will find problems, and when you worry, they are duplicated.”

This, like many other Bob Marley phrases, shows us that it was someone endowed with extraordinary common sense. In just such a small text manages to condense one of the great truths of life.

The phrase emphasizes the fact that worrying about difficulties is useless. What is achieved with this is to add new problems to those that already have. The problems are to solve them, not to torment them.

3. Two types of dictators

“There are two types of dictators: taxes and the elected ones, which are the politicians”.

Although this musician never intended to spread a political message, several of Bob Marley’s phrases show that he was very critical of what was happening in the world. The lyrics of many of his songs invite to change reality.

In this sentence lets see that the power generates rejection. He makes no distinction between dictatorship and democracy because, in his opinion, in both cases he generates tyranny. The only thing that makes the difference, according to Marley, is the path to reach the same.

4. Presence and absence

“Do not live so that your presence is noticed, but so that your absence feels”.

The desire to appear and the desire to be noticed are born of an extreme need to reaffirm the ego. A person wants to be exalted because that generates satisfaction and makes him feel more present in a situation.

You miss someone not because he is very famous or notorious, but because of the contributions he makes to others. His absence is felt, although his presence is not so notorious. This is, without a doubt, one of Bob Marley’s phrases that are worth remembering on a day-to-day basis.

5. Discover your own strength

“You never know how strong you are until being strong is the only option.”

This phrase is one of the best known and remembered of the genius of reggae. His statement could not be more true. Surely many of us have discovered that under the most difficult conditions emerge virtues and skills that we ignored.

Bob Marley puts it in extreme terms and he’s right. It is not the small difficulties that lead us to take out all the strength we have. It is the limit experiences that generate that transformation that allows us to see what we are made of.

6. If it made you happy…

“If it made you happy, it does not count as an error.”

This is one of Bob Marley’s most beautiful phrases. It is simple and forceful, but very sharp at the same time. It relativizes the concept of “error”, which is very positive, since many people in the world fear that word.

In this case, Marley gives greater importance to the effect of an act, than to the judgments that fall on it. It points to happiness as the ultimate goal. Therefore, nothing that makes us feel good can be considered a mistake.