Grow your Business without Investing in Advertising

Invest in human capital, the recipe of Five Guys to grow.


“Advertising is usually one of the first resources that companies use to make themselves known in the market or even sometimes to get better at the photo than what they really are or offer,” explains Daniel Agromayor, CEO of Five Guys in Spain and Portugal.

Quite the opposite of the growth strategy that they themselves have applied in their business and which is based mainly on taking care of short distances. A strategy of five fundamental keys and very easy to apply in any business, which Agromayor explains to us this way.


We must focus all efforts, not on pretending, but on offering the best possible experience to the consumer. What is communicated through the media can never replace what happens in the moment of truth. The opinion of consumers who try a product is worth more than any television advertisement. A good experience is more important than any advertising spot.

“People do not come to eat in our restaurants because of what they’ve heard in a television ad, but because of their own personal experience with the brand or the recommendation of a friend who has tried and believes in our product. Since the beginning of this family company, our fans are the main ambassadors of the brand and that is why our efforts are aimed at making the experience in our restaurants the best”.


Hire the best to develop them as professionals. The best ambassadors of a brand are the employees themselves. They are the ones who can best tell how things are done.

“For this reason we focus on investing in our human capital, training them to be motivated and proud to wear the red shirt. Nor do we skimp on quality or quantity in the rations we serve. If you order a Bacon Cheese and want more cheese or bacon, we will not overcharge you. Jerry, our founder, always encourages us to be very generous with customers.”


“What we offer is simple, but we believe in it and our customers too, and that is the reason why they come back and recommend us to their friends. We do not sell false expectations: we focus on doing what we know how to do. We neither launch new products, nor do promotions, nor discounts of any kind. In addition, we do not try to encourage anyone to consume more than what they want, we respect all their choices, we do not do marketing to encourage consumption, nor do we sell products aimed at children”.


Always look for locations in transit areas where as many people as possible pass. “You have to keep in mind that we do not advertise so the idea is for people to try our hamburgers and hopefully talk about them.”


Always offer the best experience at your point of sale.

“We do it not only with the hamburger itself, but also with the ambient music, the service, the energy and positivity that is breathed in the restaurants, the decoration, the cleaning or the many possible combinations to personalize the product. In addition, our kitchens are completely open and fans see the whole process of how their hamburger is cooked.”