Recommended Books on Storybranding, Creativity, Skills…

Storybrand, creativity, how to create magical moments and the world of franchising are the topics that these new books that we recommend.


Storybranding, creativity, how to create magical moments and the world of franchising are the topics that these new books that we recommend.


The Storybrand scheme, developed in this book, helps clarify messages so that people not only listen to them, but also respond.

Most companies waste money in marketing without getting the expected results. What if the problem was the way we talked about the product? Whether we have a small business or if we are responsible for a multi-million dollar brand, confusing customers costs money. It is necessary to clarify the message with urgency.

The author, with this objective, uses the seven necessary elements that every moving story should have to teach readers to improve dramatically and, in this way, connect with their clients to grow their business. The process of building a Storybrand is a proven solution to better tell your customers and consumers what is the differential value you offer and why they should choose you over your competition.

A book for every leader who has to communicate his message both inside and outside his company.


The Think Punk philosophy proposes recovering the challenge and spontaneity of punk to declare a revolution in one’s own experience and, from there, project the change globally. With a provocative style, the author offers secrets and inspiration to put ideas, projects and challenges into practice with a renewed style. A mentality to get out of disenchantment, cut with the grayest side and move into action from fidelity to oneself.


Chip and Dan Heath teach us that certain experiences can change our lives and that these are not always the product of chance: we can create them, if we know how. They also analyze how we can learn to create for ourselves those extraordinary moments in our lives and in our work, knowing that our positive moments are dominated by four elements: elevation, perception, pride and connection.


With more than a thousand companies and close to 75,000 integrated businesses, the franchise has had a spectacular development in the last twenty years in Spain.

In Franchising, Mariano Alonso brings his experience as a consultant with practical advice related to the main areas of organization of a chain: strategic and feasibility aspects, brand expansion, recruitment of franchisees, etc.