4 Updates that Snapchat has Presented this Week

This week Snapchat has made its first meeting with developers and partners to present the latest news of the app.

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This week Snapchat has made its first meeting with developers and partners to present the latest news of the app.

“Snapchat has added new features such as the ability to find GIF files by scanning an image or object.”

From the incorporation of videogames to the creation of filters for the body, Snapchat has presented a series of innovations that focus on four main areas within the app: The AR Studio, the “Explore” section, the Snap Games and the kits for developers. We analyze them:

AR Studio

One of Snapchat’s star tools, the three-dimensional filters for photos, will undergo a major renovation thanks to the innovations presented by the company for AR Studio.

The first change is that, from now on, Snapchat will enable profiles for the creators. According to Bobby Murphy, co-founder of the company, these will be “dedicated spaces for the creators of filters, to expose their work and connect with their audience.”

In addition, Snapchat will also include new tools and designs for your filter study. This will allow the creation of more complex filters that can be activated with movements in the hand, the body and even with the movement of our pets.

One of the big surprises in this area has been the launch of “Landmarkers” (spaces markers), which is a Snapchat collaboration with some creators to design filters that virtually modify some of the great global icons such as the Eiffel Tower, the palace of Buckinham, the Tower of Pisa, etc.

From snaps posted publicly on Snapchat, the developers team created 3D models of these architecture icons and designed templates that could be used at those tourist spots. This innovation in AR Studio aims to give a fresh and youthful touch to elements characteristic of the great cities of the world.

Curiously, this function has been in development for several years, however, until now it has not been possible to materialize within the application. In fact, Snapchat has since 2015 the patent of this idea.

Along with its famous filters, the app is also working to develop its camera. To do this, the company has added new features such as the ability to find GIF files by scanning an image or object, and the ability to solve a mathematical equation by scanning the paper where it is written.

To achieve this, Snapchat has partnered with Giphy and Photomath connecting their services with the respective functions. In addition, the app has organized these tools in what has been called “AR bar”, which will be arranged at the bottom of the screen.

The “Explore” section

According to Snapchat, the time their users have spent watching their videos on television has tripled in the last year. Platforms like NBC, E News and ESPN have gained great popularity in this format and now the app wants to take advantage of its audience to broadcast a daily show created by BuzzFeed.

In addition to this, Snapchat has celebrated the growth of its original productions. These are programs broadcast in video and vertical format made exclusively for the app. The company stated that some of its original contents already reach audiences of more than 20 million users. The attention that these contents attract has caused the company to focus on developing interactive ways to spread advertisements through them and thus obtain a greater economic benefit.

Snap Games

Snapchat is still looking for new ways to bring playfulness to your app and this is the case with the latest launch of the app: Snap Games. This gaming platform seeks to promote group games. Access to these games will be available through the symbol of a rocket located in a corner of the message tray.

In this sense, other social networks such as Facebook have tried to incorporate group games within their platform. However, Snapchat’s youthful character makes it the most appropriate space to try a function of this type.

The social network has built its games with the intention of achieving maximum interaction and possible communication within them. For this, the games will include live audio and internal chats. For now we still do not know more details about it, however, it is known that the first game that has launched the app is called “Fiesta Bitmoji”.

The Snapchat developer kit

One of the main objectives proposed in the conference has been to increase the content that is shared in the app. For this, Snapchat will include new tools to disseminate content related to music and news, which will be beneficial for the publications associated with the company and its eCommerce providers.

The app also is also looking to expand his stories through a new feature that will allow developers to share Snapchat stories within their apps. In this sense, Tinder has teamed up with the app so that its users can share their latest Snap story within their profile on the social dating network.

Another novelty is that the app will work with Houseparty, a live video application popular among young people. This collaboration will allow the app to incorporate its own live video platform, like its competitors Instagram and Facebook.

Finally, Snapchat has added an option called ad kit. With it, developers will have access to the new “Snap Audience Network”, which will allow Snapchat ads to be diffused in third-party apps.

The latest Snapchat news is proof that the company wants to direct all its efforts to keep its audience young while attracting new users. The incorporation of new location functions and the playful sense that is being given to the app are proof of this. In this sense, we can continue expecting more news and updates from the company in the near future.