Projects Promoted for More Sustainable Cities

They have been chosen to participate in the last Urban Intelligence and Sustainability Forum Greencities.

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A system for planning personalized routes, mobility projects, information booths and recharging… are some of the best projects of the initiative to support innovative entrepreneurship of the Ministry of Economy, Knowledge, Business and University and Telefónica, Andalusia Open Future.

  • Zityfy. It is a company that encourages carpooling and motopooling. Or in other words, it connects drivers with passengers on journeys that take place within cities, improving mobility in them.
  • Esco Energy Efficiency. It helps to efficiently manage the energy of consumers with a triple objective: reduce its price, consume less and respect the environment more.
  • Cadifornia. It is a company focused on the B2B market, which helps to achieve business objectives through technology and product development. And it does so by applying scientific, technical, mathematical and engineering knowledge. They are specialized in SmartProduct, Big Data, IoT and Blockchain.
  • iUrban. A firm that reaps great success thanks to its digital and technological solutions in different spaces. They triumph with the adaptation of the old telephone booths to new needs and formats, which they have transformed into information and recharging points. In addition, they have other services such as iRoom or iRestaurant aimed at hotels and restaurants respectively.
  • Ecosegundos. It is a company dedicated to the promotion of recycling through a system of incentives to the end user that they achieve through agreements with companies. The company seeks, through the use of a mobile application, that users become aware of the importance of recycling by presenting a real solution to modernize this process.
  • MyStreetBook. A recommender of personalized routes that connects the interests of users with the places where they live or visit. The company focuses on their tastes and creates routes according to their preferences.