Marketing of Experiences (II)

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It is about accompanying the user at all times. “We seek to make you feel that you are not alone in this operation. We are concerned that people perceive that there is a person behind the chat. It is very personalized and we have a high index of resolved doubts “, insist from Trive. This strategy and the previous one play with what Martínez-Arroyo calls “the positive effect of humanization in the transaction. You have to give a human touch to your business, make the client feel listened to and accompanied.” 1 & 1 or Europcar, for example, work very well on the human component in digital counseling. And Pangea or We Collect Cluc, for example, have made specialized advice their comparative advantage.


If you surprise your customers, you are emotionally impacted. It is the search for the Wow effect par excellence. It combines the effect of storytelling with the surprise effect of maintaining a mystery and a mystery for a certain time. Large companies do so with campaigns in the media or on the subway or street billboards. But at an entrepreneurial level, you can also take advantage of it by resorting to the database of your clients or social networks where you have more activity.


It is the so-called recommendation marketing and it involves making a good measurement of the customer experience. “From the customer experience department we work with the NPS (Net Promoter Score): an indicator for customers to value their experience and recommend you. The survey includes questions about the entire process to find the points of the company that need to be modified. We strongly encourage clients’ recommendations “, explain from Clicars. “Through the NPS index you can measure the level of satisfaction in the interactions and the level of effort to obtain a response to a need,” explains Machuca.


“You have to be proactive in the relationship with the client to create new moments of relationship with the client”, insists Córdoba. It is about making a diagnosis of how the relationship with our client has been throughout the year and proposing a framework for action for the next. So you play with personalization and proactivity. “It’s about making a global diagnosis of what you do to make a more personal offer,” he concludes. In Viesgo, for example, they started a campaign through which, through a simple photo of your receipt sent by whatsapp, they could make a global diagnosis, “recalls Córdoba.


As Martinez-Arroyo points out, it has a lot to do with “the Peak at Last. Humans remember the most critical moments and the last moments. We must identify those moments in our relationship with the client to improve them. ” For example, in a restaurant, renovating the obsolete bathroom or renewing the meal will improve the experience, but what the Wow moment will give will be the detail that makes the difference: the personalized poem, the exclusive shot of the local … But the Peak at Last It is also closely related to what is called the last mile. The moment of contact with the client. A company that cares very much is Aquaservice: the bottled water company. “The service they have never outsourced is that of water delivery because they consider these employees to be the real representatives of the company,” insists Martínez-Arroyo.


Increasingly, we must link the offline with the online and offer the same experience through all channels. “It is important to take advantage of everything that new technologies offer us (Big Data, IA, CRM, marketing automation) to improve the use of the service or the physical purchase with us “, explains Córdoba. Returning to the example of the restaurant, if when making the reservation online, we send a whatsapp with the location or with the nearest parking, we will improve your physical experience. In Brooklyn Fitboxing, for example, they have developed a system that counts the calories you burn when hitting the sandbags and puts them in relation, online, with those of the participants of the other 71 gyms that the school has. Thus, in the user a sense of belonging to a group is created and its competitiveness is stimulated. Apple is an example of an optimal integration on / off.


Knowing the points of friction in your relationship with the client opens up the possibilities of expanding the range of products or services to be offered in each of the phases, improving your experience and increasing your commercial possibilities. The massage company Fariolen, for example, manages to create a special atmosphere: relaxing music, special aromas, adequate lighting. They offer cold water when entering and digs when leaving; Experts in massage and give you options to contract bonds that combine different services. Another way to work cross selling is through cobranding: partner with another company to offer a global experience. Famous is the example of Zappos and Google. To promote an app, Google took a truck of cupcakes to the street that sold in exchange for photos with the app. The shoe brand then decided to give some shoes in exchange for a cupcake from the Google truck. It was a strategy that improved the customer experience of both companies by 74%.


To get committed and loyal customers nothing better than to show as a brand / company committed to social causes and fair. There are many options: from making donations to NGOs for each product or service that you hire, to actively participate in the organization or sponsorship of social or environmental actions, to associate with suppliers or socially responsible partners or even to have a specialized division in the third sector. . If, in addition, you give your clients the possibility of choosing what cause to dedicate your funds or your efforts, the down payment is greater.