Pokemon Go: Take Advantage of Video Games to Boost your Company

The augmented reality video game is an effective marketing tool if you know how to take advantage of the opportunities you have at your fingertips.


On July 15th, 2016 the city of New York was paralyzed because an unusual Pokémon, Vaporeon, had appeared inside Central Park. Crowd of fans threw themselves to the place in particular to capture Pokémon.

From that moment, the business world realized that Pokémon Go was more than a videogame where some intrepid players were dedicated to capture pokémon by the urban environment through augmented reality. The video game of the Niantic company became a marketing tool to make money.

On these lines we give you 5 tips so that you can boost your business thanks to Pokémon Go, and all this almost without spending a single euro.


PokeSTOPS work as the cornerstone of your business. These real physical spaces are virtual posts in the game. Players get pokeballs, different objects and rewards that allow them to advance in the game. Therefore, like gyms, they are strategic meeting points.

The influx of people in places where there are pokeparadas grows considerably. Specifically, when the game barely had a month to live, according to a Bloomberg L.P. investigation, sales of stores and restaurants increased by 30%. These figures show the positive effect that the game provokes in shops at street level. If you are thinking about finding a location for your business, add a nearby pokeparada to your list of requirements.

Not only the retail and catering sector have been able to take advantage of the Pokémon Go fever, but sectors such as real estate have also seen a niche of opportunities in the video game. “Rent a flat with pokeparada”, some real estate agencies have written in their advertisements for the sale-rental of houses.


Not everything is lost, there is always a solution, no matter how complicated it may be. In this case you only have one exit: request a pokeparada for your place or business. Obtaining this prize is not an easy task, first if we count on the fact that the pokeparadas and gyms are usually located in common areas such as monuments, parks or other places of interest. Therefore we recommend that you do not specify that you want a pokeparada to enhance your business.

Although we should not lose hope, the “no” we already have it. The form has very strict requirements: the location must have a remarkable history, with historical value, that generates curiosity in society. Proposals that are inaccessible, private residences, school zones and shops or services for adults (such as liquor stores, adult entertainment, shooting ranges) will be discarded.


Pokémon Go offers its players a series of objects that help capture Pokémon, the most useful are the baits. These are installed in the pokeparadas to increase the number of pokémon in the area. But not only increases the number of pokémon in the place, but also the number of players who go there hoping to capture the best beasts.

If you have a business near a pokeparada it is recommended that you occasionally put baits to attract customers. A priori, if you are an occasional player should not be a monetary expense, but buy a pack of baits will not be too expensive. Buying coins in the game to redeem for baits will not leave you for more than 109 euros, in the worst case.


Pokémon Go developers occasionally provide their players with special days. In these days the possibility of capturing a rare Pokémon on any side is enabled. This is a perfect opportunity to prepare your place for the occasion. We warn you that these events have nothing to envy to weeks like the Black Friday. The shopping malls are usually full of pokeparadas and pokémon trainers know that this is why there are more chances of capturing a greater number of Pokémon.

Companies should prepare as if it were a Christmas campaign and attract this specific customer to their establishments. For example, Donut Time, an Australian pastry shop, prepared special desserts to captivate its customers: it transformed its donuts into nutela pokeballs, a delicacy for video game fans.


When Pokémon Go appeared, the demand for external batteries skyrocketed. According to the comparator data, since the release of Pokémon Go, there has been a 171% increase in the sale of portable batteries. Even so, not all players are so prepared to capture pokémon. The shopping centers do not lose the opportunity and offer the customer places to charge the phone so they do not suffer the stress of running out of battery.