4 New Business Ideas for a Startup

They are part of our selection of March among business accelerators around the world.


A device for children’s strollers that retains the pollution of cities

The British Brizi has devised a device similar to a headrest that is placed in strollers of babies and children or in the seats of cars to reduce the pollution they breathe when walking through large cities. Specifically, they can reduce it between 50% and 80%, according to its founders. The device uses high quality particle and gas sensors to measure the levels of environmental pollution around the child. These sensors take the information to the application of the device and automatically activates the filter of the fan that incorporates this particular headrest. It thus becomes a barrier of fresh air in the environment of the baby, avoiding the effects that polluting gases cause in children living in cities. A technology that has been developed thanks to the collaboration of the University of Surrey.

With this technology, drones can fly in interior spaces

It is the technology that was missing to use drones in enclosed spaces where they can do a very important job in the internal cleaning and maintenance of buildings or in dangerous tasks such as the inspection of elevator shafts. Why, up to now, could not the drones be used inside? Because most of these devices use a location and mapping system called SLAM to control their position, which does not work well indoors. The Japanese Spiral has solved the problem by directing drones through QR codes, more effective in flight control and cheaper: they say they reduce the cost by 60% compared to the usual systems.

Custom 3D virtual mannequins to buy online

3DLOOK is a technology that can solve many of the returns of online fashion purchases. It allows the user user to create a 3D model of their own body, just by taking a front and a profile picture. From them creates a personalized virtual model with which you can see on screen how you have the online fashion you want to buy. It is also a key advance for businesses, since it allows them to have customer information and send them offers of personalized products that adapt not only to their tastes, but also to their measurements. In addition, it is easily integrated into any website or mobile application through a widget, API or SDK.

A predictor of future car breakdowns

The French Carfit has developed a technology based on artificial intelligence that predicts the maintenance needs of the car from the reading of its vibrations and the noise it emits. Using data analysis and applying mathematical principles that analyze these vibrations have the necessary information to know the future mechanical problems that the car may have and act accordingly before they become a problem, thus allowing, in addition, a reduction in the costs of tuning the vehicle.