Aggressive Competitive People, What is Behind this Profile?

Competitive aggressive people do not hesitate to subjugate, manipulate and even take control of our achievements to take advantage whatever the case may be. They are highly damaging profiles that create work environments characterized by stress and anxiety.


Everyone, in some way, is compelled to compete in life. However, there is a particularly damaging and problematic profile in many of our work environments: they are competitive aggressive people. They are those men and women who want to climb positions violating rights, manipulating and creating climates as stressful as complex for psychological health.

Maybe now more than one face, more than one lived situation, comes to mind. In a way, this type of behavior can be seen in different scenarios: in schools, universities and even among our relatives and groups of friends. There is always someone with an innate need to excel, to impress the rest, to take all the possible medals.

While it is true that competitiveness is one more factor of human personality, there are those who take it to the extreme. Each of us is undoubtedly pressured more than once to have to compete; we do it when we practice a sport, when we present ourselves for a job interview and even when we try to win someone we like.

We all need to be the best at some point. The way we achieve it, the mechanisms we use, say a lot about us and, above all, about our psychological profile. Let’s see more data below.

“I do not intend to compete with you. I do my thing better than you. And you do your thing better than me.”

-Stieg Larsson-

Aggressive competitive people, what is behind this personality?

If we have had to deal with one or more aggressive competitive people, the sensation we have experienced is always the same: anxiety.

The best thing in these cases is not to lose your calm and not fall into your game. This means, basically, that it is not worth getting carried away by their extreme competition dynamics, because then anxiety will intensify further.

Let’s see, however, what is behind this type of personality.

Lack of selfesteem

The lack of self-esteem manifests itself in infinite forms and, many of them, give rise to very harmful behavioral patterns. Thus, harmful competitive people need almost every instant notoriety, to experience the sensation of power. For this, they do not doubt even in disrespecting others to achieve objectives and in this way, reinforce their image.

On the other hand, these men and women live in a state of constant hypervigilance. They compare each second with those around them and, if they perceive that someone stands out more than they do, they will do anything to overcome it and have an advantage.

Thinking model “white or black”

The “white or black” thinking model tells us that there are people with a rigid and inflexible mentality. One where your life translates into winning or losing, having or not having, being with me or being against me.

Thus, studies like the one carried out at the University of Rochester, New York, point out that these people do not take into account inherent factors such as sociability, empathy, sense of cooperation, etc.

Narcissism or psychopathic personality in competitive aggressive people

Competitive aggressive people can sometimes show a psychopathic personality. The fact of focusing only on one’s own benefit, on not hesitating to resort to deception, manipulation, abuse or intimidation can perfectly outline this psychological disorder.

However, it should be noted that it is not common. The most frequent is that we are facing a narcissistic personality that seeks visibility, validation and admiration. To achieve this, he does not hesitate to sabotage the rights of others to reach the summit.

What can we do with aggressive competitive people?

The effect that aggressive competitive people create in a work environment is immense. The climate deteriorates, the pressure to compete intensifies and stress appears; as well as that progressive wear and tear that so much affects our psychological balance. To avoid or protect ourselves, it is worth reflecting on these ideas.

If you choose to compete, do not do more than you can take on. Having someone highly competitive in an environment drives others to have to compete. If you choose this option, set a limit.

If the aggressive competitor, for example, chooses to do overtime, assess whether that option is right for you.

Protect your work Another aspect that we must take into account are the bad arts that are often carried out by competitive aggressive people. They will not hesitate, for example, to appropriate your work, to know your access codes, to reach your email, to manipulate others to put yourself at your disposal … These are aspects that we must know to protect ourselves.

Obtain information and notify the management of irregular practices. This is undoubtedly another factor to consider. Very competitive people with an aggressive profile do not hesitate to carry out illicit practices. These tricks can lead to bad port to the entire organization. Therefore, it is important to have proof and warn our superiors.


In conclusion. We are clear that these situations, for the most part, are complex. It is not easy to deal with this type of people, but whatever the case, we must always safeguard our integrity at all costs.

The competition in any area of ​​our life makes us grow when it is respectful and does not result in dynamics contaminated by aggression, humiliation or boycott.