Seven of the Best Startups in the World

Zebra Medical Vision is an e-health specialist in medical imaging based diagnostics. A tool to help radiologists in their work, improving the diagnosis of breast cancer, liver, cardiovascular and bone diseases.


Zebra Medical Vision is an e-health specialist in medical imaging based diagnostics. A tool to help radiologists in their work, improving the diagnosis of breast cancer, liver, cardiovascular and bone diseases. Thanks to the millions of images and clinical records with which he works to make comparisons, he can make diagnoses faster and more precise than those performed today by a specialized professional with the help of traditional image processors that generate many false positives. In breast cancer, it can reduce false diagnoses by up to 50%.

Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence, it can identify patients at greater risk with greater advance, facilitate the creation of prevention programs and optimize the work of medical services prioritizing the most urgent cases. Its founder had previously stood out with other image-based startups (PicScout) that was acquired by Getty Images in 2011.


Title builder is a tool that helps online marketers create eye-catching titles for products they sell through Amazon, eBay, Etsy and other similar platforms. It works from keywords taken from many sources, words that analyzes and evaluates using statistics before proposing the most popular to get relevant labels with which to label each article. For the user it is very simple to use: the name of the article is written or it is described with two, three or four key words and the tool does the rest. It also helps online stores to do SEO campaigns and affiliate marketing.

THE YELLOW PAGES OF THE EMAILS is a tool that can find the email address of any professional among millions of companies around the world. How does it work? You enter contact data such as the name of the person and the domain of the company and in a matter of seconds you make all the possible combinations to give you the results. It also helps to verify emails or validate contacts with which we have not communicated for a long time. There are other similar tools, but this, with an accuracy of 92%, is among the most valued in the market.


CommonSense Robotics is a robotics and artificial intelligence firm that proposes the creation of small-sized warehouses with facilities of its technology to help retail food in the distribution of their products. Automated warehouses in the Amazon style, specialized in the management of food orders that can be prepared in less than 5 minutes from when the order is received and that being located in urban areas allow small businesses to deliver their orders in one hour and compete with Amazon.

Its business model is based on payment for use, which makes it affordable for small businesses. Founded in 2015, it is considered one of the fastest growing startups in Israel and has raised more than 26 million dollars.


Pruvo is a startup that helps travelers find the best price in hotel rooms. But he does it in a very different way than how we get bargains on a regular basis. What he proposes is that once the user has made a reservation for a hotel room, he sends a copy of it by email and the web is in charge of notifying him when the price has dropped. They say that up to 40% of the reservations made in hotels ends up falling in price and that savings can reach up to 67% compared to the initial price. The client can thus make a new reservation at a lower price and cancel the previous one. Your business model? It is free for the user and charges a commission to the reservation platforms with which it has reached affiliation agreements, such as Booking or Expedia.


Articoolo carries in his guts of numbers and zeros the creativity and quality of the best writers. It is able to artificially create unique content of any subject and in less than a minute. It is enough to describe in four words the type of content that is desired and the writer that takes inside does the rest. And with the quality and uniqueness that a human could provide. In fact, they say it works like the human brain using NLP and AI. The good news is that this tool is not intended to replace writers and editors, but quite the opposite, can be a great ally to help (help) to streamline the creation process and the generation of ideas, find all kinds of information related to the articles we are writing, etc.


Lemonade is a home insurance that proposes monthly fees instead of the traditional annual payments and that is based on the technology to fix the fairer rates for each insured. Its anti-fraud algorithms also help to manage customer complaints by maximizing them and avoiding false claims. If the algorithm says that the claim is appropriate, the customer is paid in 3 seconds. Otherwise, it is a team of people who are responsible for reviewing the documentation and managing everything. They boast, in short, transparency and offer a fast, affordable and uncomplicated insurance experience.