Month: April 2019

China Closes Lepin, Main Imitation Lego Seller on Aliexpress

Lepin, the popular Asian company that makes toys similar to Lego through the Aliexpress platform, will close at least temporarily due to the suspension of the Chinese government.


The 7 Rarest Food Allergies

There are so common food allergies that the law requires manufacturers to label foods that contain them. However, in the world there are about 160 other allergies to other less common foods and equally dangerous for those who suffer them.

The Ringelmann Effect

When people are facing tasks that require the sum of efforts of each team member to achieve a group goal, there is a tendency to make less effort as the size of the group increases.

Classification of the Scientific Method

The method is that plan that constitutes the backbone of all purpose. It encompasses a plan, conditions and, in many cases, hopes. Today we will analyze the most used methodologies in the scientific environment; The objective will be to understand how we generate new knowledge.

How Much Does a Google Adwords Campaign Cost?

The costs of a campaign in Google AdWords vary according to the objective set, the keywords used, etc. Unlike conventional advertising, where we pay to show the ad based on different variables – audience, number of viewings… – in AdWords we only pay if the user clicks. But how does this system work?