Day: March 30, 2019

Voice Search: the Search Engines of the Future are Here

The search segment is developing in a meteoric way thanks to the voice search, the voice search.


Twitter Releases the Darkest Mode

Jack Dorsey, current CEO and co-founder of Twitter, promised in January the arrival of a “darker” dark mode in response to the complaints of some users, who considered that the night mode of the social network was not everything dark what should it be?

Best Database Managers

A database manager (DataBase Managenent System) is a system that allows the creation, management and administration of databases, as well as the choice and management of the necessary structures for the storage and search of information in the most efficient way possible .

What is Reverse Engineering?

We are going to talk about a trick that has allowed to change the direction of the history of technology on more than one occasion, reverse engineering. Do you know what it is and what it consists of? 

Spiritual Alchemy: Transforming Pain into Evolution

The ancient alchemists were looking for a substance called “philosopher’s stone” to transform lead into gold. In spiritual alchemy, perspective is that substance that allows us to convert difficulties and deficiencies into constructive contributions.

Minimum Effort Law to Manage Stress

The law of minimum effort to manage stress reminds us that, sometimes, less is more. It invites us to flow in our reality, to save energy, to focus attention on what is truly important.