Reinvent Yourself to Survive

Reinventing ourselves when we have no other choice makes us leave our comfort zone to survive. But what if we could move forward to this moment?

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What do we do when life does not take place in the ways we would like? A good option is to reinvent yourself. In addition, the idea of ​​taking this step may be motivated by a crisis – in many cases this is the case – but this is not really a necessary condition to start a major change. In fact, making important changes away from critical moments can help us prevent situations of great anxiety and stress.

Let’s imagine that we have been in a company for five years in which we are very comfortable. Throughout that time we have not done any course or learned anything new. We have “accommodated” and conformed to go to work and collect at the end of the month. However, we arrive one day and we are fired. The company has been generating losses for some time and staff must be reduced. We find ourselves, suddenly, with a great chasm before us.

In this situation stress and anxiety can appear with a significant intensity. We can enter a spiral that drags us so hard that it ends up leading to a deep depression. So, because there is no other, the time comes to reinvent ourselves to survive: we need that our basic needs (food, shelter, hygiene, etc.) are covered. Could not we have anticipated?

Leave the comfort zone to survive

The comfort zone is extremely peaceful, and therefore attractive. In it we are safe, until one day we are fired or our partner leaves us and there is a need to take action looking for alternatives that we had not thought of. This is quite unpleasant, although it is also an opportunity to wake up. We had lived on autopilot for a long time, a term that includes the article Program of stress reduction based on mindfulness.

However, leaving the comfort zone only when circumstances demand is not a good option. In these moments, to the anxiety by the urgency to find a solution we usually add that one that emanates of transiting by unknown territories. Hence, the good thing is to act preventively, generating new opportunities before our needs demand it.

Reinvent yourself to generate options

Reinventing yourself does not mean changing our essence. Simply, instead of forming ourselves into something new (something we would do during the time of unemployment we have in order to get another job) we can always do this instead of getting stuck. This will allow us to generate alternatives, even, anticipate the change.

Training makes us grow: it allows us to acquire knowledge that will provide not only titles and certifications, but skills that will be useful for the company in which we are working or for others.

Acquiring new knowledge has its reward: specializing or learning something “to seniors” – better that is related to what we do – can lead us to a promotion or to find a job with better conditions.

We do not have to be upset to search: we can review weekly the new job offers that have come out or what floors have been put up for sale. This can make us take advantage of opportunities and apply, from the safety of navigating in calm waters.

Plan B

Reinventing yourself has a great advantage and that is that we will have a plan B, not to say, C, D and E. Throughout our training, of the knowledge that we are acquiring or of the opportunities that we can take advantage of, we will realize that we are generating alternatives to which to cling if our current situation changes.

In fact, we can even anticipate that change, by doing it ourselves first. Attending this interview in this new job that offers, although a similar remuneration, possibilities to develop other types of skills that interest us or contact with possible people that can lead us to achieve certain objectives.

Do not wait, accelerate

We have seen that, when circumstances rule, we can find ourselves in complicated places with few resources to get out of them. On the other hand, if we are stagnant (as the article Quality of professional life of primary care workers points out), we do not promote within the company and settle for the salary and the tedious routine that we carry out every day, nothing goes to happen. That is to say, if we repeat the same thing, the most probable thing is that we obtain the same results.

Anticipating what may happen is a good policy. We can start while working for someone else, something that will allow us to have two very different points of view (laboriously speaking) and a lifesaver if we get fired.

Have you ever reinvented yourself to survive? How many times have you done it for the pleasure of learning, specializing or generating options? You do not need four hours a day. Sometimes, with half an hour a day you can get to unwrap in a new language or a new skill over time. Do not wait, learn.