Cold and Calculating People: their 7 Characteristic Features

A review of the characteristics of this type of people, to recognize them easily.

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Within the social context where we develop, regardless of the region and culture, there are a host of different personalities that define individuals.

In this article we will focus on reviewing what are the most characteristic features of cold and calculating people, to better understand how they think and why their behaviours, which can often seem somewhat insensitive to other people.

How is a person really cold and calculating?

In our society people are often stigmatized according to the way in which they express their emotions in certain situations; For example, if someone does not cry with a movie that made others cry, or if the puppies do not seem adorable to them, then they are labeled as insensitive or as a cold person. In general, such an appellation applies to people who do not externalize their emotions in a way as clear and direct as most human beings.

Cold, calculating people can function emotionally well, and usually do not have problems expressing their feelings when it is necessary to do so. What characterizes them is in their way of thinking, which tends to be more structured and pragmatic than that of other people.

For example, people with this behavior often discriminate in a conscientious manner when it is appropriate to express their emotions, this does not mean that they repress them, it is about having a degree of control over what is being felt and having the ability to choose where They prefer to express it.

7 common traits in emotionally cold people

We will see some of the most habitual characteristics on this type of people.

1. The frustrations of the past

Past experiences can mark a person in terms of their subsequent behavior. Contrary to what is usually thought, not all frustrations are negative, some serve to provide us with learning that makes us better people for the future.

The eugenic frustrations appear with all those events that although initially represent a degree of discomfort for the subject, later they end up in learning and personal growth.

The other side of the coin are the pathogenic frustrations, which do not bring any positive characteristics, but instead leave a significant trauma in the subject’s life, this type of frustrations should be avoided as much as possible.

Cold people tend to take advantage of the former and let the latter pass.

2. High level of rationality

People who possess this type of personality are characterized by presenting a relatively high level of rationality in the face of different decision-making situations that may arise in daily life. They are subjects who do not act on the first impulse, but who evaluate the context of the situation before proceeding.

In the same way it happens with the interpersonal relationships that they maintain. The latter do not do it from an idealized perspective of the other person, but they are aware that each one is an individual with tastes and interests that do not necessarily have to be shared by others.

3. They preserve their integrity

People who tend to be cold and calculating, usually avoid being involved in activities that may pose unnecessary risks to their integrity, both physical and psychological.

4. Think several times before speaking

Another frequent feature in this type of people is that they do not speak lightly, but they thoroughly evaluate what they are thinking, and they make sure that it is not imprudent to give their opinion at certain times.

5. They are suspicious subjects

To this type of subjects it is difficult for them to trust others, they usually maintain an attitude of suspicion before most situations, which is a circumstance that they must learn to channel so that it does not become a limitation.

6. They are methodical

Intrinsically there is a relationship between cold and calculating personalities and methodical behavior. When it comes to performing an activity, these kinds of people need to do things in a structured way to feel comfortable with the process.

7. They are independent

The subject of cold and calculating character, although it does not present a marked impossibility to relate with others, tends to be an independent person by own decision.