Breach Clarity, the Web that Helps you if you Have Been Hacked

Thanks to the Breach Clarity online platform you can know what to do in the event that any of your accounts have been hacked.

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Thanks to the Breach Clarity online platform you can know what to do in the event that any of your accounts have been hacked.

There is an old saying in security: all systems have been, are being, or will be hacked. You only need to know when we will find out. If your accounts have been hacked you suffer feelings of frustration, anger, and even violation of your privacy, if those accounts contain personal data.

But the real problem comes later: what to do if you have been hacked? There are not many specialized places to get help, and at the end you go to inform yourself to forums and social networks, and you end up even more confused. Breach Clarity is a new tool that aims to change this, by offering a place to go for help, when you are hacked.

In recent years we have seen how most Internet services, from Facebook to Microsoft, Google Plus, etc., have been hacked, or have exposed user data, due to vulnerabilities. The victims, that is, the users, face two abysses that are difficult to overcome. On the one hand, how do we know if our accounts have been hacked?

The most practical thing is to enter the web Have I been Pwned? and enter your email address. This page tells you if your email appears in any of the thousands of confirmed hacks. If so, the next step is to go to Breach Clarity, to seek help.

One of the main problems faced by hack victims is that when they discover that a certain account has been hacked, they do not know the extent of that hacking. Are the hacked passwords encrypted, or in plain text? With that hacked account can you use my bank card, or is it safe? Do I have to cancel the account, or do I have to change my password?

It is not easy to answer these questions, because sometimes the experts themselves do not know the answer. It is unknown how much information cybercriminals have stolen, and how they are going to exploit it.

To try to put a bit of light in the darkness, the Breach Clarity web was created, created by security expert Jim Van Dyke, and the Resource Center Against Identity Theft, which is a non-profit organization.

Breach Clarity has a search engine where you must enter the official name of the hack you have suffered, as it is obtained on the website Have I been Pwned ?. It looks for it in its database, and tells you the extent of that hack, recommending the actions that you must carry out.

Sometimes it will be enough to change the password. In others you will have to cancel the account, or unsubscribe your affected credit cards.

Breach Clarity ensures that it will be updated as new ways in which cybercriminals use stolen information and new hacks are discovered.