Principles for Life, According to Native Americans

The principles for the life of Native Americans are a catalog of behaviors that they considered relevant to maintain individual and collective peace. Westerners can learn great lessons from them.

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The principles for the life of the Native Americans have been thought to guarantee the well-being of the following seven generations. Therefore, they are not oriented only to each individual present, but are projected into the future.

The predominant note in these principles for life is respect and appreciation of people and the environment. Also an exaltation of the values ​​associated with honesty and generosity.

“When the blood of your veins returns to the sea, and the dust of your bones returns to the ground, you may remember that this earth does not belong to you, but that you belong to this earth.”

-Project Sioux-

Native Americans, as well as other indigenous communities, gave great importance to collective life. For that reason, they gave great importance to the behavior guidelines that guaranteed a harmonious coexistence. We can learn a lot from them. These are the principles for life that you established.

1. Treat the earth with respect

Treating the land with respect means, fundamentally, not contaminating it or deteriorating it. Search all means to preserve its integrity.

This implies, fundamentally, taking charge of the waste that we emit, whether they are solid, liquid or gaseous. The earth is our home and if she is sick, we too.

2. Thank the Great Spirit for each new day

The Great Spirit can have a different meaning for each person. For some it will be a certain god, for others, nature itself or the concept of life, in a universal sense.

What Native Americans call is to thank daily for life. This is not just another action, but the starting point to cultivate a healthy global attitude.

3. Honor your word

Respect for the word is one of the most important principles for life in Native Americans. This has been devalued a lot in the current world.

It is important to be aware that communication acts are that: acts. They are equivalent to facts and, therefore, we must not lose sight of their consequences.

4. Work together, one of the principles for life

Human beings are gregarious by nature. In one way or another, we need and become stronger when we learn to work together.

Good teamwork is much more satisfying, strengthens ties and generates better results. Learning to cooperate is a laudable and necessary objective.

5. Take only what is necessary

This applies to a wide variety of situations. It is a call for moderation and balance. We have physical and psychic needs and we can satisfy them, without going any further.

Excess, sooner or later, leads to suffering, illness or an unbearable satiety. Native Americans consider that this is one of the principles for life that guarantees physical and emotional health.

6. All life is sacred

You do not have to see life simply as a biological fact. It physically attacks against the life of another, but it can also threaten his psychological life.

The other is sacred and, therefore, it is essential to take action to preserve its integrity and existence. Likewise, this mandate extends to all forms of life.

7. Care for the well-being of the body and mind

Self-care is an act of self-love and constitutes one of the principles for life on which welfare depends. Good health is a fundamental condition to fully enjoy everything else.

Caring for wellbeing means avoiding habits or actions that may deteriorate or put us at risk in some way. Also, do everything necessary to recover health, when it is lost.

8. Do what you should do for the good of all

The collective good is an objective that we should all share. By doing good to others, we are also doing it to ourselves.

It is not possible to build individual well-being, if at the same time collective well-being is not built. The problems and the sufferings of others, in one way or another, also end up reaching us.

9. Follow the rhythms of nature

This is one of the principles for life that often is not understood enough. It has to do with the synchrony that we must establish with our natural environment and with our biological condition.