The Cities with More Billionaires

The majority of the ultra rich population of the world tends to congregate in global cities with a high standard of living.

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The majority of the ultra rich population of the world tends to congregate in global cities with a high standard of living. Through an infographic we collect which are the cities that bring together the highest concentration of billionaires.

They are known under the acronym UHNWI: Ultra High Net Worth Individuals, which would come to be in Spanish Ultra High Net Wealth Individuals. They are, effectively, the richest people in the world, those who have more than 30 million dollars. According to the data collected by the Knight Frank’s Wealth Report, 198,342 people with a net worth of these characteristics have been registered. Faced with such an exorbitant amount of money, the question arises: where do these ultra rich people live?

The usual thing is that these people reside in global cities that allow them to safeguard and increase their wealth and that in turn give them access to first level services to live comfortably and luxuriously. The city that richest billionaires have is the British capital. In London live almost 5,000 according to 2018 data, but it is expected that the figure will exceed 6,000 in 2023.

In the second place is Singapore, where almost 3,600 ultra rich people live, and in 2023 will continue to see this figure grow. The following global cities in the classification are Tokyo, New York, Beijing, Paris or Seoul, showing that Europe and Asia are the continents that hoard the residences of these people at the top of the global economic pyramid.

It is worth noting that only two cities on the top 10 list are expected to see growth of more than 30% in this five-year period: these are Shanghai and Beijing could be cities for the next decades, which add to their ranks billionaires at a faster rate than any of the other heavyweights.


Some of the cities that will experience the fastest growth of ultra wealthy people in the 2018-2023 period are Mumbai, Delhi, Manila or Shenzen. The first two cities, located in India, will add almost 40% more ultra rich populations in the next five years. If we look at non-Asian cities, the ones that will grow the most are Auckland, Madrid, Munich and Nairobi, which will increase their UHNWI populations by approximately 25% by 2023.