Virtual Switchboard, a Transcendence of Yesteryear Nowadays

The current situation marks the methodology of the companies, always forced to keep in constant evolution when the intended idea is to reach a successful course in the development of its activity.

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The current situation marks the methodology of the companies, always forced to keep in constant evolution when the intended idea is to reach a successful course in the development of its activity.

In this sense, communication has become an extremely exploitable resource when it comes to obtaining benefits, and is that one of the direct consequences of a well communicated network translates into organization, which in turn becomes effective. The virtual switchboard is precisely a clear example of how to take advantage and profitability to communication.

To implement a virtual switchboard, software is required that can be offered in multiple ways and with various functionalities, among which stand out the monitoring and analysis of calls, interactive voice response or computer telephony, among others.

The technological advances have facilitated that the voice protocol over the Internet only needs three basic elements: a computer, Internet and a telephone line. This approach allows the creation of any switchboard prepared to carry out numerous skills, such as observation in qualitative terms, recording, detailed examination of factors such as voice or written word, and support in virtual environments. Undoubtedly, a great option when it comes to improving care and advice.

These switchboards have been established within the business scope thanks to its agility to establish relationships with the customer. Not in vain, the wealth is such, that below we list other reasons of equal importance that make this device a fundamental piece.

Why a virtual switchboard?

Although a priori may be a tool that has passed to a better life due to the emergence of new technologies, the fact is that the phone continues to occupy the first place on the podium of options chosen by the customer to maintain communication with a company. In fact, there are scientific studies that support this idea, concluding that almost sixty percent of the clientele leaves the Internet in favor of the telephone when receiving any kind of attention.

In this sense, the same percentage of companies, considers that the use of virtual switchboards is a tool that makes them something unique and more attractive with respect to the competition, which prefers to lean towards other channels.

What is the purpose of using a virtual switchboard?

At this point, the facts are clear, the idea that forms the whole framework of a virtual switchboard is to streamline and organize in a solvent way the relationship with the customer through communication. From there, depending on the needs and circumstances of the user, it is possible to establish the software in two different ways.

First, through a local call center. This is characterized because it is presented by a fixed-term license, which implies that the employer carries out its maintenance during this period. In general, they need to add additional hardware to their installation, so the result is always very professional, hence the price is higher.

On the other hand are the switchboards hosted in the cloud, which have the great virtue of not needing any software and allowing access to it from anywhere.

Benefits for a company

The switchboards are responsible for invigorating an entire area of ​​organization for the reception of calls. His mission here is none other than to provide the client with all the advice he needs in order to solve all kinds of doubts. It is, therefore, a very useful element when it comes to satisfying the needs of customers through this communication channel.

The dialogue in these situations is carried out in both directions, so that the company and the client always find solutions for their purposes. This favors the implementation of persuasive campaigns oriented towards advertising or promotions, for example.