5 Easy Ways to Make Money on YouTube

Arguably the biggest and most popular video streaming service in the world, YouTube is home to billions of content ranging from user-generated to corporate media videos.

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Arguably the biggest and most popular video streaming service in the world, YouTube is home to billions of content ranging from user-generated to corporate media videos. The array of content is endless and with every one of those competing for views, earning money off of your videos can be quite taxing. Here are easy yet highly effective ways to monetize your YouTube videos:

Follow YouTube’s monetization-related policies.

In order for YouTube to let you earn money off of ads, it’s important that you meet their requirements and abide by their advertiser-friendly content guidelines. Always remember that YouTube has a system in place for checking each video and only those that conform to their policies can be monetized.

Link AdSense to your account.

You can generate earnings from advertisements in your YouTube videos by setting up an AdSense account. To be eligible for this, make sure that your channel has 1,000 subscribers and a total of 4,000 watch hours in the past 12 months.

You can grow your subscriber count by creating great content. Also, make sure to use an interesting title and put the right hashtags and keywords to bring in more viewers to your video.

Take advantage of affiliate marketing.

To put it simply, affiliate marketing means earning a commission off of a product or service that you promoted or reviewed on your channel. This means you’ll be signing up for a company’s affiliate program. You will be given an affiliate link to include in your video as an annotation or in the description box. That link directs your audience to the company’s site and when they purchase a product/service using your link, the company pays you a commission.

Capitalize on sponsorship deals.

Paid sponsorship is when a company pays you for advertising their product or service in your videos. This collaboration usually happens when a company contacts you directly for a deal or when a company accepts your sponsorship offer. Keep in mind that you have to disclose sponsored content per YouTube guidelines.

You can also look at Patreon for sponsorship. It’s a platform where your subscribers or audience can pledge as much as they like on a monthly basis. In turn, you can offer a rewards program or create exclusive content just for them.

Explore merchandising.

Another revenue stream you can look at is by selling merchandise. You can sell apparel, phone accessories, board games, e-books—just about anything you can think of, as long as it’s your own merch. You can even use your branded products as a reward for your Patreon pledgers.

It’s important to note that earning money off of your YouTube channel depends heavily on your subscriber and view count. If you have a big enough channel and a wide audience reach, income opportunities are more likely to come to you.

It is crucial for you to grow your channel and with it, your engagement level with your audience. Successful YouTube monetization starts with and is sustained by keeping your audience happy. One key way to do that is by making yourself more accessible to them. Take the time to reply to their comments on your videos or use apps like Callmart, which helps you connect directly to your audience. This personalized approach is sure to help you retain your subscribers, grow your channel, and before you know it, you’re on your way to earning a steady stream of income.

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