Serendipity and Personality: People who “attract” Valuable Findings

Serendipity and personality are related. These magical discoveries that bring happiness and great discoveries are destined to the willing minds, to those who are patient, constant and not afraid to open themselves towards new paths and possibilities.

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Serendipity and personality share a bond. In fact, the magic of finding something unexpected and valuable almost accidentally responds, according to experts, to other factors that go beyond the causal. In fact, we would be the ones who with our determination, ingenuity and determination would propitiate those exceptional findings.

Louis Pasteur said that “chance favors the prepared mind” and he was absolutely right. The world of science, for example, is full of surprising discoveries. Alexander Fleming and penicillin, Wilhelm Roentgen and X-rays, Cyril Astley Clarke and his work in the prevention of Rh disease of the newborn … We could give hundreds of examples on how serendipity provides the most relevant findings.

However, there is always one element in common: sagacity, perseverance and that mind capable of seeing in a mere chance, a great possibility. There is no magic, therefore, what there is is the dazzling commitment of an awakened mind that always knows to see beyond, that is receptive to its environment and that is able to broaden perspectives to allow new approaches to enter.

“The seeds of great discoveries constantly float around us, but they only take root to flourish in minds well prepared to receive them.”

-Joseph Henry-

Serendipity and personality, how do they relate?

We could say without equivocation that the area where serendipity usually occurs is in the pharmaceutical industry. One of the most notorious cases of recent times is undoubtedly Viagra, a drug originally created to treat angina is now one of the best sellers to treat erectile dysfunction.

In the scientific field it is known that chance is a factor that is always present, but yes, it is an element that generates the researcher and that only the most experienced will know how to take advantage of.

William Shakespeare himself already said in his work Julio César that only people capable of entering the tides achieve fortune, hence serendipity is not for everyone and valuable findings only for those who are prepared to look for them.

As a curious fact we can say that at present we even have an organization called “The society of serendipity” aimed at investigating these phenomena and understand what relationship there is between serendipity and personality. It is a network of academics from all over the world who, from the field of psychology, psychiatry, physics or medicine, try to capture these striking and inspiring events.