Resistance to Be an Entrepreneur

Working on your own is an option available to anyone who knows how to perform some trade.

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Working on your own is an option available to anyone who knows how to perform some trade. However, there are many who resist this type of option, even if they have been unemployed for a long time or do not have income that allows them to live with some peace of mind.

It seems that the fact of belonging to an already established company and having a boss gave them more peace of mind, security or psychological well-being, even though their work does not really provide them with an option to project themselves and reach a greater economic balance. While it is true that working on your own implies risks, it is also true that these risks are controllable and manageable.

“The positive aspect of being your own is the possibility of deciding on yourself.”

-Juan Ignacio Jiménez-

It seems that the reluctance to work on their own has more to do with certain perceptions about independent work, than with real possibilities or limitations. In this, aspects of a psychological and cultural nature influence, above all. Let’s see this in more detail.

The dilemma of working on your own

The decision to work on their own implies the resolution of a dilemma: autonomy Vs uncertainty. In general, most people do appreciate work autonomy. They think that they could get more out of their work, their time or their lives, if they could direct their activity themselves. Manage your schedules, decide your priorities, etc.

By working on your own you have that autonomy. However, on the other hand, the worker is also exposed to great uncertainty. No enterprise has long-term assured success. Likewise, while achieving greater independence, the level of responsibility and commitment to decide also grows.

This last aspect is perhaps the one that most influences the resistance to be independent labor. It is always easier for someone else to decide and bear the consequences of decisions. It is also simpler that another carries the weight of uncertainty. It must be said that every company, solid as it may be, can end badly. That includes the big industry, the big bank, etc.

The “safety” of salaried work

The dream of many is to get a good salaried job. In a solid company, that is thriving and guarantees a prosperous future in the long term. This scheme, of a paternalistic nature, is an option that only a minority of the population can access. They are not necessarily “the best”, since this is influenced by several random factors.

Who comes from a millionaire family or moves in circles of a lot of money has greater options to get an excellent salaried job, due to their contacts and not necessarily to their training or talent.

Also, sometimes, the selection mechanisms are not necessarily operant. For example, a company may prefer younger people (or older or more whatever) because it matches their policies. In fact, someone with great talent might not fit into them.

Therefore, looking for that big job may be a very limited option. Likewise, even if it is achieved, the world economy is unstable. The dismissal of workers is one of the most usual measures, when there is a crisis. Therefore, in the majority of salaried employment there are no definitive certainties either.

The independent and the entrepreneur

It is clear that to be an entrepreneur you need a specific spirit. Not everyone has to be a great entrepreneur to work on their own.

The entrepreneur seeks to grow, expand, capitalize. The self-employed worker does not necessarily want that. Rather, what you are looking for is to generate income independently. This is a business mode, but it does not imply founding a new entity as such.

Ideally, a person decides to work independently for pleasure and conviction, not necessarily. Unfortunately, many are faced with that option only after much searching and not finding the job of their dreams. That is another important factor implicit in a resistance. Be part of it is an alternative available only for a moment of precariousness, when it is not like that.

Sometimes, we only learn to swim when we fall into the river. We discovered then that it is a definitive learning and we ended up enjoying it. The same occurs with self-employment. It is a real option, which can open many paths.

When we do not have work, but still we resist to start a work as independent, it would be good to ask ourselves if what stops us is fear, prejudice and lack of confidence in ourselves.