Boost your Visibility on Instagram

We like Instagram. It is the only redoubt of credibility left to Mark. We show you some tips to gain visibility.

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We like Instagram. It is the only redoubt of credibility left to Mark. We show you some tips to gain visibility.

Instagram is today one of the fastest growing channels. Your user is very connected, and more than 71% of the brands are already in this social network.

Some of the statistics that we like about Instagram:

  • 1000 million active users per month.
  • More female audience with a 10% difference with respect to the male.
  • 95 million photos published every day.
  • 91% of the contents are photos.
  • 58 times more engagement per follower than Facebook.
  • More than 1,000 comments per second.
  • More than 4200 million likes a day.
  • 38% more video engagement than in photos.
  • 80% of users follow a brand on Instagram.

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How to improve your visibility on Instagram?

1. Take advantage of user-generated content

The user on Instagram is eminently active. If you manage to have a participatory community, use the content generated by others to bring them to your account. It’s basic psychology: we like to be recognized.

In addition, it will allow us to generate content without spending a lot of resources. What is clear is that you must take care of the image and that your account follows coherent visual codes. This means that you do not upload anything, try to maintain a uniformity.

What is clear is that nothing is going to work better for you as you generate content thanks to your community and make them participate. That’s what communities go after all.

2. Use Hashtags correctly

#No #se #trata #de #taricate #anything #thing. I know pícar @. It is about looking for what hashtags you will be able to improve your reach (which by default will tend to be very low, we already know what is happening in the networks owned by Facebook).

If #Love has a lot of competition and a lot of content is generated around it, it will not do you any good and you will only attract bots, which will not be interesting in order to build an active community. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more concrete hashtag, which is active but does not have as much content saturation, surely more people will find you thanks to that hashtag and you will be able to increase not only your reach but your audience.

For this, there are several tools, one of our favorites is Displaypurposes and another is Hashtagify.

3. Link Stories and feed correctly

On one side and another. We see a lot of the typical NEW POST story but you also have to use it from the other side. Why not use a feed post to draw attention to new content in stories. Of course, do not use the same photo, try to link it in another way, for example: if there is a new post, from stories make a teaser. If there is a new series of stories (better than just one), from the feed, make a summary of what you will find.

They are ideas, make them yours, but do not lose the opportunity to look for links and try to increase the reach, both in one format and another.

4. Entertainment first, business after

What is Instagram today? It is an entertainment channel. Like it or not. This means that the first thing you have to achieve is to entertain your audience. We see it super clear, the brands that manage to entertain, whatever the form, get to have an organic engagement and reach much greater than those who are wanting to impose their law through product, service, discounts, etc.

And it’s logical, think about how you use Instagram and then try to get people to use your Instagram in the same way. Voilá, it works.

And do not come with excuses, if you do not know how to entertain, start by understanding which accounts today have the most engagement and why.

5. Look for new formulas constantly

The success in a content or a line of content you will not get to the first. Nor to the second. Probably not even the eighth. Now, when you get it, do not settle. Search for new formulas constantly. Keep stretching the gum of what works for you while you look for new executions that give results. Only then will you achieve long-term audiences. There is nothing worse than a passing audience.

6. Use surveys

Take surveys in Stories, do not even take two days to start using them. They leave questions, the same. One of the ingredients of content that generates results is surprise. If you wait to use a format when everyone has already tried it, you will not generate surprise. The same with the Memes. The same with challenges. Try to be as responsive as possible and adopt news as soon as possible.

“Either you are the first one or you do something very different. Everything else will be predictable.”