‘American Gods’ and its Problematic Path to Season 2

“Hysteria is an unfair word, but certainly some of the news that came out I thought they were quite hysterical. They are things that happen.”

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“Hysteria is an unfair word, but certainly some of the news that came out I thought they were quite hysterical. They are things that happen.”

With these words defended Neil Gaiman before the press, during the past TCA, the controversial changes that American Gods has suffered between its first and its second season.

Bryan Fuller and Michael Green, who had adapted the 2001 Gaiman novel in serial format for the Starz channel, left the ship without knowing exactly why. Some rumors suggest that they demanded a larger budget to visually express their ideas, but the network, in view of the low audience figures, could not afford it. Others point out that the problem was the character of Fuller, who has already left several series by slamming the door.

Fuller and Green had started working on season 2 and even had several scripts ready when they left the series. “It would have been great if they had stayed and finished,” said one Gaiman, who, however, pointed out that “we knew that the series would be in good hands”. Jesse Alexander, screenwriter who had already worked with Fuller on series such as Hannibal and Star Trek: Discovery now assumed the role of showrunner.

However, Alexander also ended up leaving American Gods. What happened this time? “He directed the script room and disappeared. For what Jesse was hired was to catch a series that was underway and that suddenly did not have his two showrunners. I had to catch the ball and take it to the finish line “, justified the writer, as if the role of this new showrunner had always been thought of as something transitory.

But by his words it is clear that Gaiman was not at all happy with the new creative leader of the series that adapts his novel and how he was adapting the plot of the House of the Rock, where Mr. Wedsnesday takes Shadow to have his First contact with the Ancient Gods: “In the first draft of Alexander’s script it was obvious that he had never been to the House of the Rock [referring to the location of the shooting]. I had not written these characters before either. ” He himself made adjustments in the scripts, although he could not devote too much time to this series because of his involvement in Good Omens.

In addition, the series has suffered significant casualties in its cast. Gillian Anderson, who played Media in the first season, was replaced by Kahyun Kim and Kristin Chenoweth also left the series without the reasons being clear.


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