5 Ways to Increase Engagement in Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is one of the best ways to reach our audience in this social network.

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Instagram Stories is one of the best ways to reach our audience in this social network. Not only because of the large number of users that have (which is increasing), but by the number of options you have and the wide variety of ways to show what we want to tell what they allow.

“Instagram offers many tools to maximize interaction in Stories; we tell you how to take advantage of them.”

But like everything, not for the simple fact of using Stories we are going to impact our audience. There are tactics that we can carry out to make sure that the public will stay watching our stories until the end. We tell you five of them:

  • Tell a story: Sometimes the temptation to upload a single video or photo is hard to ignore. After all, it is the most comfortable. But if you manage to create a story, the potential audience will be more interested in what you have to tell. In addition, giving a bit of context with other stories always makes the main publication better understood.
  • Indicates when the sound has to be activated: Most users do not have the sound activated when viewing Stories. Therefore, if our stories have an important auditory component that is not clearly shown (for example, with a person speaking), it is worthwhile to remind the audience to activate the sound. It can be done as simply as putting a small emoji on a speaker.
  • Use stickers: The strong point of Instagram Stories is the large number of stickers they have. Many of them allow us to interact directly with the public: questions, surveys … We can also use some very useful as the countdown to generate excitement or the location if it is important to tell where we are.
  • Get advice: Sometimes users, especially if they are newcomers to Instagram, may be slightly confused about the operation of Stories. Therefore, it is worthwhile to guide them. So, if for example we have uploaded a Story with a lot of text, we can place a little warning that reads: “keep pressed to read”.
  • Use templates and other formats that can be captured on screen: If a user takes a screenshot of our Story to share it, we have succeeded. That is why facilitating the taking of screenshots should be something to take into account. How? For example with editable templates that encourage the user to make their own version.