SEO Trends that Place the User at the Center of the Strategy

The criteria that search engines use when establishing how to sort search results change constantly. Google, Yahoo !, Bing… are permanently modifying their algorithms and what they take into account when ordering the contents.

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The criteria that search engines use when establishing how to sort search results change constantly. Google, Yahoo !, Bing… are permanently modifying their algorithms and what they take into account when ordering the contents. For any company that has a website, positioning and appearing in the top positions in the search results is essential for the growth of the business.

The user must be the center of the SEO experience at all times

However, it is not easy to be aware of all the news in terms of positioning, so having an SEO professional or a marketing agency to help develop the digital strategy of a company can be a fundamental aid. The trends on the Internet change constantly and the habits of Internet users too. Being up to date is essential to make the most of the news and achieve a better web positioning.

The year has started with important developments in SEO issues and trends on the Internet. To help entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs who need to better position their web pages, we will review the trends that will guide the designs of the web in the coming months.

  • Content of quality. We will never tire of repeating it, but the creation of interesting content that provides value to the user is fundamental. The algorithms of the search engines increasingly value the quality of the content published on a web page and its periodic updating when ordering the references in the search results they show.
  • Visual Search. More and more search engine algorithms take into account images as content that adds value and generates more interactions. Users appreciate seeing images and videos of what they are looking for, so Google also takes it into account when it comes to displaying search results. If we manage to position an image, the number of clicks that it will obtain will possibly be greater and this can be very beneficial when it comes to selling products and services through the Internet.
  • The importance of the voice. In the same way that for years we talked about the visual search and it is already a reality, the search by voice becomes more and more forceful and in a few months it will be something habitual. The proliferation of smart speakers and other devices that work through voice will make spoken searches increasingly popular.

It is calculated, in fact, that for next year – only next year – more than half of the searches carried out on the Internet already take place through voice, through virtual assistants. In this sense, optimizing our content so that smart speakers and virtual assistants are able to recognize it easily will help us to position better in searches without a doubt.

  • The user experience. Search engines take into account the speed of response of a web page, that the architecture of the site is logical and that the user has easy navigation in it also when positioning search results. In this sense, getting users to spend more time on the page because their experience in it is satisfactory, will increase the consideration of search engines (and conversions).
  • Mobility. It seems a no-brainer but it is worth remembering as a complement to the above. Three out of every four Internet users are already searching via mobile, so having a website optimized for mobile browsing is nothing more than an obligation for any company that wishes to position itself properly on the Internet.
  • Security. That a web page is safe also makes it better positioned in the eyes of Google and the rest of the search engines. That uses https protocol in your domain, which guarantees secure transfers, or that complies with the RGPD, is also valued by search engines because it provides a better user experience in your web browsing.
  • Blockchain. Although the blockchain platforms are still under development – many are known only by cryptocurrencies – in the coming years they will play a very important role in many sectors on the Internet. Taking into account their integration in web pages of all kinds, facilitating transactions and the protocols they use, will make us perfectly positioned when they become a reality within a few years. The blockchain SEO is still a testing ground, but taking into account the “chain of blocks” in the SEO strategy can be very beneficial.

These trends are summarized in one: the user. As we see, the search engines increasingly take into account the user, their behavior and their interests, when consideringar the search results for him. Having him at the center of our digital strategy will undoubtedly help us achieve a better SEO positioning.