WhatsApp will Detail the Consumption of Mobile Data

The 2.19.45 beta version of WhatsApp will receive, in advance of the final version that can be downloaded on Google Play, a redesigned configuration menu. In addition to the new design, this section will receive new options, including a mobile data consumption meter in WhatsApp, with a breakdown of how the data has been invested, both sent and received.

“WhatsApp has updated its mobile data counter with detailed information of each section in which data is consumed.”

The information will appear on the “Use of data” tab, which currently shows users the number of messages sent and received, the data (in full terms and not broken down) and the information sent and received in the States of the application.

The new design will first show the total data consumption, showing those corresponding to download and upload, as can be seen in the following WABetaInfo portal capture.


The novelty comes later, since the following sections will be detailed: calls, multimedia files, Google Drive, messages and states. In each of them, an icon, a progress bar, the data corresponding to download and upload will be shown, and finally, each category drops the total number of files sent and received.

For now, this new configuration menu design and the updated mobile data counter is available for the beta version of WhatsApp, with no exact date for the final version of the app, although it is expected that it will arrive with the Next update of the app on Google Play.

This is a good way to control the use of mobile data, since WhatsApp can be one of the applications that consume the most data, especially if we use it to send and receive large amounts of multimedia files.