This is the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the first Folding Phone of the Korean Firm

Samsung showed in the event of presentation of the Samsung Galaxy S10 another phone that follows the pattern of what seems to be the future. It is the Galaxy Fold, the first phone with folding screen of the Korean brand. But it is not simply foldable, since it has two different screens: a normal one for the smartphone mode and a folding one for the tablet mode.

“The Samsung Galaxy Fold will have a starting price of almost 2,000 dollars, which can set a precedent for the rest of flexible phones.”

During the electronics fair in Las Vegas (CES) we could see some folding phones ready to reach the market, but none of Samsung. Now, the company has not wanted to let slip the tendency that pretends to dominate all the telephones in the medium term.

Galaxy Fold has a super AMOLED screen of 4.6 inches in its smartphone mode. But inside there is a 7.3-inch flexible screen that is activated by opening the phone like a book, and that gives features closer to a tablet.

When you open the phone and activate the internal screen, what we were doing on the other screen adapts instantly and perfectly. In tablet mode, up to three applications can be used at the same time, which are displayed on the screen to suit the user. In the presentation they showed the phone with YouTube, WhatsApp and Google Chrome at the same time.

This hybrid phone, in addition to the novelty of the screens, is incredibly well stocked. It has 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of internal storage, and all this is crowned with an eight-core processor. The battery is made up of two separate modules that collect 4,380 mAh.

In addition, it has six cameras in total. Three in the back, two lenses for the front camera and one more for the cover, which makes it the Samsung phone with more lenses.

Of course, these technical characteristics added to the innovation of the flexible screen are not particularly cheap. The Samsung Galaxy Fold will have a starting price of $ 1,980, which undoubtedly represents a new record for the smartphone industry. The phone will be available as of April 26.