Advances in Advertising that Help SMEs Compete with the Big Brands

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Small advertisers begin to mark the rules of the game. Historically, SMEs and more modest brands could not develop their marketing and advertising strategies as they were most interested. They had to make an effort (if they could) to play in the league of big companies and in their conditions. To achieve a marketing action could suppose the annual budget dedicated to this game if they wanted to appear in large national circulation media. In case it worked well, they had no capacity to give continuity to the action. And in case it had failed, the investment was substantial and they did not dare risk again.

Currently, the advertising ecosystem opens with new possibilities that extend the best publicity to all types of advertisers and small begin to exploit them.

There are 6 advances in advertising that make SMEs compete with the big brands:

1. There is no longer an obligation to pay high minimums: traditional media usually require substantial minimum investments for the structures of SMEs. The newer forms of advertising eliminate these initial fees and thus invite all types of companies and brands to advertise.

2. Absence of entry fees, monthly or cancellation. These are some of the economic demands that continue to be made by some media and that are a strong barrier to entry for small and medium-sized advertisers. Digital media and advertising platforms are committed to eliminating these economic obstacles that make a balanced advertising context impossible.

3. Simple measurement tools: having the ability to measure and verify the performance of campaigns in the first person increases the confidence of SMEs in new technologies and their advertising investment. In addition, it allows them to have real information to make decisions that mark their business.

4. Full personal attention. Human support that speaks the same language as small businesses is essential to carry out advertising strategies. that can raise concerns about how to optimize them and get the most out of them for each specific case.

5. Ease of learning: for SMEs, time has an incalculable value. Sometimes, efforts to close advertising agreements are delayed and the time that has to be spent to learn new advertising tools is high. The new context allows SMEs to save all these blocks and manage their campaigns quickly and easily.

6. Self-management: this simplicity of learning allows small brands to manage digital tools in a short period of time and, therefore, self-manage their advertising campaigns without intermediaries. They have total control of the operation and the ability to guide their strategy at all times.

All this leads to greater competitiveness for SMEs. They begin to break down access barriers and create large campaigns through new ways. Technological companies are creating systems that democratize advertising. They put it within reach of this type of brands so that they can develop marketing strategies like the big corporations. This is how SMEs are able to deal with the most powerful brands and achieve significant results with a direct impact on business.

ONiAd is one of the technologies that was born with the aim of improving the business of small and medium enterprises. It is an intuitive and precise technology that overcomes these barriers with a simple tool for all entrepreneurs and SMEs, regardless of whether they have knowledge in marketing and advertising or lack of them.

What are the benefits that this type of technology brings to small advertisers?

  • Economic decision-making capacity: the technology promoted by ONiAd does not entail minimums, quotas or contracts required. The user is the one who decides how much he wants to invest at each moment. From 1 euro you can launch your campaign without having to commit to a quantity or periodicity.
  • Proximity in language and treatment: in order for a user to carry out their own campaigns, they must understand the information that is given to them. Must have a partner to give clear explanations, address their concerns, suggestions and questions so you can develop their actions as he wants.
  • Usability: the ONiAd technology learning curve is very small, so any company, entrepreneur or entrepreneur can handle it in a short time regardless of their level of knowledge of the advertising and marketer sector. (In less than 5 minutes a campaign can be configured!) In addition, the learning facility is linked to the ease of management.
  • Custom design: creating campaigns requires having banners that direct where the user considers appropriate. Some companies have their own design department, others have the possibility to contract the service and others have to look at every euro they invest. For this last type of public, the company has created Rapidbanner, a free tool that allows downloading different types of ads adjusted to the corporate image of the company.
  • Transparency: reports with information on the performance and return of campaigns are automatic. Together with clear, up-to-date information and human support, it is configured as a transparent technology company.

Small advertisers make their way onto the big stage. To mount marketing and advertising campaigns that allow generating business, attracting customers and taking care of the brand image like the big ones is already a reality.