Digitalize Operations in Franchises, Challenge and Trend in 2019

Digitization has become a mandatory process for almost every business. In this context, the trend in 2019 for the franchise is to make the agility and comfort of the digital settle in the operations departments.

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Everyone knows the advantages of digitizing the services offered by a company. Agility, optimization and comfort are some of the virtues, but in franchised businesses, it is not always easy to get a virtual platform that reaches all partners efficiently. In this sense, Jorge Gómez, managing partner of iFlares, presented his tool at the Horeca Professional Expo hotel and catering trade fair, which takes place between February 18 and 20 in Madrid.

Today, many chains still use check-lists and franchise manuals on paper, which often “are almost copies of each other”, and perform a control of the progress of each unit through face-to-face audits that can facilitate a distortion of the data.

Digitizing the list of tasks, in addition to facilitating its correct compliance, is also a great source of data for the plants, which can work like this to improve their protocols. “For the franchise, the main value is the know-how. The information should not end up in a drawer. Knowledge is owned by the company, and should not depend on who executes it, “says Gómez, who also highlights the urgency of carrying out this process, because” what is now an opportunity, will soon be a barrier with the competition. “

iFlares is a tool focused on digitizing operations in the catering sector. Through an app, the center can modify the list of tasks in each unit easily and quickly, segmenting the processes according to the time of each location, its location, whether it has a terrace or not … From each establishment, a led lamp indicates , through a system of colors, the existence of tasks and their urgency. If a process does not take place during the set deadlines, the application communicates directly to the head of the plant area.

In addition to the obvious improvement in terms of speed and efficiency, this type of tool is a great source of quality data, which allows companies to optimize their audits as well. This is why, according to Gomez’s prediction, digitalisation will also end up reaching production processes, mixing “sales forecast data with product mix data to make a prediction, updated every ten minutes”, to optimize the resources available in each unit.

In short, an example of the trends and challenges that franchises face in 2019 and that have already implemented some large chains of restoration like KFC.