The Dutch Government will Have its Own Hackathon

 In April, the Netherlands will host one of the biggest hackathons in Europe with something surprising, the main sponsor will come from the Dutch government.

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 In April, the Netherlands will host one of the biggest hackathons in Europe with something surprising, the main sponsor will come from the Dutch government.

Odyssey is an “Open Innovation Program” that connects innovative ideas with governmental, corporate and nonprofit partners to address complex social challenges through the use of Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, AI, and other emerging technologies; as it is the IoT and the databases in the cloud, with a collaborative approach always aiming innovation and the progress of society and humanity as a whole.

Through a series of events focused on the industry of blockchain networks; and of cryptography, Hackathones and a decentralized incubation program, “Odyssey”.

This program mobilizes a global ecosystem of more than 6,000 members, among whom are developers, creatives, new companies; Startups, corporations, investors, government agencies, legal experts, regulators, scientists and other key stakeholders who will take advantage of the knowledge and resources of others to enable exponential innovation.

His jewel in the crown, his cherry on the pasture, is an annual hackathon that will take place in April and will be backed by many key agencies, including the government.

With the closing of the next registration deadline, on February 25, the media asked Raymond Knops, Secretary of State for the Interior and Relations of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, why his department is providing such I support Odyssey Hackathon? To which he replied:

“I have no doubt that when it comes to digital developments, a government can not simply wait and see.
As a member of the government, I want my department to be at the heart of things and where innovation is happening.
That means leading the way and staying up-to-date on the relevant developments. We want to work together with experts.
New technologies and opportunities, such as the Blockchain, the formulation of policies based on data; like Big Data, and artificial intelligence; AI; can help improve the delivery of government services. This requires experimentation and the Odyssey Hackathon is a place where this happens.”

But this Hackathon is not the first step that the Dutch government has shown when it comes to supporting companies that use emerging and disruptive technologies such as blockchain and IA networks.

The Dutch government is currently working on a strategic action plan on the use cases in the daily life of Artificial Intelligence and plans an increase in funds and investments to reinforce excellence in artificial intelligence technologies and applications, provided they are reliable and ethical. , as well as safe for its design.

Does Holland appear as a European center in the Blockchain area?

The question we must ask is whether the Netherlands can really compete with the crypto valley in Switzerland? and provide a favorable regulatory framework for business, a group of talents and a sophisticated infrastructure.

As the international media did the questions to Raymond Knops. It was Mr. Knops’ turn if there will be room for two “Cripto Valleys” in Europe, to which he expressed:

“For us, it’s important to see all kinds of new technologies, not just in the Blockchain. However, the Netherlands is in an excellent position to capitalize on the economic and social opportunities created by digitization.
We have a world-class digital infrastructure, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth invented in the Netherlands, and AMS-IX, one of the most important Internet exchange points in the world, is located in our country.
The Netherlands has a highly educated workforce internationally and Dutch consumers often lead the way in adopting new digital applications.
We also have leading companies in the Netherlands, such as, TomTom, Adyen, NXP, Coolblue and WeTransfer. In addition, we have a long tradition of cooperation between companies, scientists and governments. This has contributed to the emergence of innovative groupings throughout the Netherlands.”

Interestingly, the government has completed an investigation into the transparency of the algorithms, as well as has consulted companies, knowledge and research institutes and citizens; on the fundamental rights and ethics involved in these new disruptive technologies.

They are very focused on innovating without losing sight of public values ​​such as privacy and security. Fundamentally, they talk about strengthening the confidence of citizens and businessmen in government or it’s about integrating emerging technologies.

Back to the issue of Odyssey, the support is emerging from further away and it seems that those in top locations worldwide will be watching the new competition.

Prince Constantijn Van Oranje Nassau is the special envoy of StartupDelta and an advisor to the European Commission said:

“Odyssey Hackathon, formerly known as Dutch Blockchain Hackathon and Blockchaingers, will take place from April 11 to 15 and will see some of the brightest developers, creatives and entrepreneurs from all over the world descend to Groningen, here in the Netherlands, to Build collaborative solutions for global problems. “

With the support of partners such as the Ministry of the Interior and Relations with the Kingdom of the Netherlands, De Nederlandsche Bank; better known as the Central Bank of the Netherlands, the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), the Regional Development Fund of the European Union, Deloitte and KLM.

The 20 best teams will present their solutions to industry stakeholders and investors prepared to accelerate their prototypes, in addition to receiving a cash prize of € 200,000.

These 20 teams will then advance to the Odyssey Incubation Program, where they will launch, test, develop and scale their solutions together with their consortium within 100 days.