YouTube’s 14th Anniversary

Yesterday it was not just Valentine’s Day, but the anniversary of YouTube.

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Yesterday it was not just Valentine’s Day, but the anniversary of YouTube.

It was a February 14, 2005 when the video platform was founded -which initially emerged as an online dating website, as shown on the screen below- and the domain was activated, although it was not until 23 April when the first video was uploaded, which was called “Me at the Zoo”.

“On February 14, 2015 the domain was registered, although the first video was not uploaded until the month of April.”

It was one of the founders of the portal, Jawed Karim, who published that first video of 18 seconds that housed the platform. He created YouTube in the company of Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, his colleagues at the online payment multinational PayPal.

Only a year and a half after its launch, in 2006, Google bought the three engineers their online space in which anyone could upload videos and share them. 1,300 million dollars, a ridiculous amount today, paid the search engine company in what is considered one of the most profitable acquisitions he has ever made.

YouTube now has more than 1,900 million users worldwide and more than 1,000 minutes of audiovisual content are uploaded every second. In Spain, it is the social network most used by Internet users, surpassing even WhatsApp and Facebook.

Little resembles today that rudimentary portal that created the three employees of Paypal, frustrated by not being able to share the videos of their parties easily. Today, converted into a social network, YouTube allows live broadcasts and thousands of people around the world live with the creations they create for the video portal.

By the way, the most watched video in the history of YouTube is still “Despacito”, by Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee, which has almost 6,000 million views.


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