More than 17,000 Android Apps Monitor the User even Without Consent

There are more than 17,000 Android applications that create a permanent file with information and user habits.

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There are more than 17,000 Android applications that create a permanent file with information and user habits. This means that even if the information is manually deleted, it does not disappear. This is achieved by combining two labels: the Advertising ID, which is a custom record that can be reset used to show us advertising, and the identifications of the hardware we use (IMEI code, MAC address and Android ID).

“Only one third of Android apps comply with the regulations established by Google.”

This permanent record of information, which would also violate Google’s privacy policies, has been discovered by researchers at the International Computer Science Institute in a recent study. Google recommends to the developers of applications that only use the Adevertising ID (that remember, it can be reset) to track the user, but less than a third of the apps do it.

Instead, many apps, after combining the Advertising ID with the phone identification codes mentioned above, send information to advertising companies. It is not something new in the technology industry. Adobe introduced in 2011 Flash cookies, which remained in the records even after deleting cookies.

The apps that perform these actions are of the most varied. Researchers have found that more than 6,000 applications for children collect data in this way. Even renowned apps like the popular game Angry Birds send these permanent identifiers to security companies.

Google has confirmed that it has investigated the study and claims that it has taken action against some of the mentioned applications, but it has not transcended the number of apps or actions taken. The collection of unique telephone data and Advertising ID are not prohibited in all cases, but they are prohibited when the purposes are advertising, but Google can not verify this when the information is sent to other companies.


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