How to Find our Place in the World

The days pass and we feel that we do not fit anywhere. We wake up every day with the feeling of an emotional emptiness that dragged during the rest of the day. In some way, it seems impossible to find our place in the world. Almost every place we go to we perceive it as strange. It seems that our friends are the only ones who, on occasion, can bring us some consolation; However, this feeling is not sustained either, because sometimes we also feel alien to ourselves. What is happening to us?

Nothing and nobody makes us happy. We wander from here to there in a monotony that drowns us and plunges us into an ocean of doubt and uncertainty. We do not understand very well what happens with us or with the world. We obey our existential horizon and we do not find the least sign of meaning to our existence. What can we do? Despair runs through our bodies from the feet to the head, bristling every hair of our body. The breath is broken and our state of mind decays to the psychic underworld.

No place seems right to us

Every job that we obtain becomes a suffering. Weigh the body and even the soul. We can notice existence as a heavy burden on our back. We think about the world, its operation and we realize that it is not for us. Pessimism takes over. We seem to come from another place or we have the feeling of being born in the wrong time. “What do I paint in all this? What is my place in the world? “, We ask ourselves frequently.

The task of feeling comfortable in some concrete context becomes highly complicated. However, for some reason that we do not know in principle, there are magical places where everything seems to fit. What kind of places are these? Each one has his own. Some people feel comfortable in religious temples. Others in large gardens and forests. The sea is another enclave that provokes a great sense of connection with the world.

Our place in the world and the expectations of others

If we stop for a few moments to think about what happens with our sense of helplessness, we can get great answers. On many occasions, our environment has conditioned us in such a way that it has established the paths through which our life should go. Unconsciously, we accept that path as if it were ours and we try to enter it. We can be successful at work and economically, but not emotionally. So, despite the apparent success, we feel misplaced.

In many cases, we have accepted the life that others expect of us and we have traveled their paths without pain or glory. We have not even considered other possible objectives. So, it is time to consider whether we are leading the life we ​​want or that others expect from us.

“Rejoice because every place is here and every moment is now.”


The Buddhist nun, Venerable Damcho, says that before taking the step and taking refuge in Buddhism, she was a successful journalist who had everything to succeed. However, despite having everything, I was not happy, something was wrong. She decided to leave her life dedicated to the media and become a Buddhist nun. Since then, her dedication to others makes her immensely happy.

Lama Rinchen, a Buddhist meditation teacher, tells a similar story. He is a successful businessman who one day decided to leave business and work making natural juices in a modest shop in a town. To what extent are we forcing our lives to move in unfortunate ways? Are we really happy with what we do despite being successful? Let’s explore inside ourselves and analyze what really fills us.

Our place in the world, inner emptiness and Buddhism

Buddhism postulates that the inner emptiness that we feel when not finding our place in the world is due to the disconnection with our authentic Buddha nature. But what is the Buddha nature? The answer is simple: the ultimate state of being, a state in which we remain in love and happiness. For this, the key is to end the conditions that cause our suffering and, in this way, achieve happiness. Thus, by getting rid of mental afflictions, we will increase the chances of being happy in any circumstance.

So, our place in the world does not depend on where we are, but on our state of mind. A state of mind of peace, harmony, serenity and love. In this way, no place will seem as hostile or uncomfortable as before. We will enjoy a genuine fullness that will bring us a state of harmony regardless of where we are.

“If you’re not happy here and now, you never will be.”

-Taisen Deshimaru-


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