Business Ideas to Start Without Partners

If you have decided to be an entrepreneur, take advantage of your training. Go deep into it, specialize in one area and offer value-added services that the market is not contributing.

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If you have decided to be an entrepreneur, take advantage of your training. Go deep into it, specialize in one area and offer value-added services that the market is not contributing. You can also take advantage of your professional experience to develop new services.

In this sense, it analyzes, for example, lines of business that have abandoned other companies -mainly large- in case they were viable on a small scale. Here are some business opportunities you can undertake:


Consultant with added value

This would be one of the examples that best illustrates the advice that heads this page: specialize in one area and offer value-added services that the market is not contributing! As consultants there are many, you should look for a niche or a new way of doing things, for example, in cost savings, in optimized purchasing management, in strategic planning, in managerial skills …

Specialized training

Languages ​​and the efficient use of technology continue to be the two major training gaps for Spaniards and, above all, for managers.
If you can specialize in these two areas, much better.

Management of talent and professionals

One of the negative aspects of any crisis is the loss of jobs. Many companies choose to lighten their templates. And in that tendency many excellent professionals stay on the street. One of the business opportunities that we propose is to manage that professional talent to offer it to companies.


Mergers, alliances and business purchases

Another trend is groupings of companies -both alliances or mergers-, as well as the acquisition of companies by others in an effort to gain ground in the market. Become an expert in these topics, because business proposals will not be lacking.

Management of defaulters

We used to talk about cost management with a view to saving, which has become one of the main obsessions on the part of companies. Well, something similar happens with the management of bad debts, which are putting many companies on the ropes.

Financing search engine

Most companies are suffering from liquidity problems and urgently need to get money that allows them to continue in the market. Therefore, the figure of the Indiana Jones of financial resources has gained prominence in recent months. If you are an expert in finance, you can put your knowledge at the service of this mission.


Expert in online marketing

With the Internet, the traditional way of doing marketing has completely changed. Clients need to attract new users who use the Network as a channel to consume both information and products and / or services. The strategies of killing mosquitoes with cannonades are useless. Now personalized and hyper-segmented campaigns are demanded. The opportunities are not only to offer specialized online marketing services to companies to sell their products and services, but also to many marketing and advertising agencies that need to modernize their strategies.

Expert in social networks

These online communities have become authentic public places where users and consumers interact to exchange information, opinions, experiences … The business opportunity is to offer companies the way to be present in social networks and to take advantage of the advantages of consumption they can contribute.

Technological lawyer

The protection of data, the theft of sensitive information through technology, online contracts, e-invoices, etc., are some of the issues that are gaining relevance and that require specialized advice for management and treatment.


Energy savers

The saving in energy consumption is gaining followers and not only by companies but also by public and private organizations, through the communities of neighbors and administrators of farms. The opportunities in this field have to do with consulting, designing plans and developing domotic and inmotic applications.

Home and vehicle repairs

The need for savings by individuals increase business opportunities around home and vehicle repairs.

Interior designer and decorator

In line with the previous point, families have opted to redecorate their homes while waiting for the market to improve, the domestic economy recovers and they try to change their homes.

Pet trainer and psychologist

The pet market has grown a lot in the last two years, practically the same demand for products as for services. We highlight two: trainer, mainly dogs, but can be extended to other pets, and psychologist.

Specialized care for dependents and relatives

All the forecasts point to the growth in the number of dependents in the coming years. The different public Administrations will be obliged to outsource – as is already being done – certain socio-health care services, both for dependent patients and their respective families.