Madrid will Be the Franchise’s World Capital in April, 2019

The capital of Spain will host, between April 4 and 6, the Expofranchise Show. This edition has special importance for its coincidence with the World Franchise Council to be held in Madrid on the same dates.

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All the actors of the world of the franchise will gather in Madrid between April 4 and 6 of this year, dates in which the World Council of Franchises will be celebrated, in which the magazine Emprendedores appears as half sponsor, and the Hall Expofranquicia at IFEMA.

In the first case, the World Franchise Board is held for the first time in Madrid, and welcomes the representatives of some 21,000 franchisors from 47 countries, which have a portfolio of associates of around 400,000. “The celebration of the Council in Madrid is a pride. It began to set in London two years ago and we have managed to put in value the weight of the franchise in Spain “, recognizes Eduardo Abadía, executive director of the Spanish Association of Franchisors (AEF), at a press conference held in Madrid.

As fundamental objectives of the Council, there is a difference, on the one hand, the sharing of the difficulties of each country in terms of franchising, “to exercise a lobbying function if needed”, and establish several sectoral tables that deal with specific aspects of the world of the franchise.

In this sense, Spain will propose three topics to be addressed: the support of public administrations to Spanish brands to internationalize; the work of the Madrid City Council in supporting companies that want to settle in the city; and present the studies that the AEF carries out throughout the year, such as the national, international panorama or the index of ligitiosity in franchising.

Among the institutional support for the celebration of the World Franchise Council, will be the presence, on the opening day, of the Minister of Industry, Trade and Tourism, Reyes Maroto, who has recognized the value of the franchise in the Spanish business environment in matters such as “the diffusion of technology, good practices and know-how in the commercial field”. In addition, the minister has highlighted the removal of records of franchisors and remote companies that has launched the socialist government, “which will save 1.4 million euros for companies and administrations,” he concludes.

The Community of Madrid has also expressed its support for the event, through its Deputy Minister of Economy and Competitiveness, Javier Ruiz Santiago, who wanted to highlight the announcement as a success of the public-private partnership, as well as the weight that the franchise has in the autonomous community. With a total of 335 franchising centers, the Community of Madrid houses almost 25% of the national total, and represents 48% of the global turnover, with 13,311 million euros.

As initiatives of the region to favor the franchisors, Ruiz Santiago highlights three: the reduction of costs and obstacles; the elimination of the registry of franchisors ten years ago; and the freedom of hours for businesses, perhaps one of the most controversial measures in the capital.

On a biannual basis, the World Franchise Council of Madrid will be the first to be held in 2019, prior to the one that will take place in Abu Dhabi in the second half of the year.